Potomac Library returns


Photo by Ananya Pandit

The Potomac Library’s new renovations include brand new furniture, carpeting, and an expanded variety of books.

By Ananya Pandit, Assistant Features Editor

From the dull background chatter, almost like white noise, to the bright overhead lights that chase inertia away, a library is ideal for anyone seeking a place to focus. For students especially, libraries are a haven, as they help foster positive study habits and promote enthusiasm for learning. WCHS students enjoy access to an array of libraries in addition to the on-campus media center, such as Davis Library and the Rockville Memorial Library. However, since June 2022, WCHS students have been deprived of their closest library option: the Potomac Library on Glenolden Drive.

“The renovations felt untimely due to the fact that I am currently in my junior year,”WCHS junior Ayla Akhvan said. ”But it reopened right in time for APs.”

On April 15, the Potomac Library reopened after nearly a year of renovations. The refurbishment project primarily tackled remediating building systems, resigning study rooms and bathrooms, repainting, recarpeting, replacing furniture, and building a single service desk.

“I was so excited to see what changes had been made to the library, and it was definitely worth the wait,”WCHS junior Kanza Ihsan said.

The event was celebrated with an opening ceremony attended by Montgomery County executive Marc Elrich, and featured the WCHS Jazz Ensemble as entertainment.

“It was a big honor for the jazz band to get such a big recognition from the county and to play at such an important event,” WCHS junior Sami Araji said. “It made me proud of my school and connected to our community and to an establishment that’s relevant to WCHS students.”

Following the Jazz Ensembles second place victory at the Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival — a notable achievement, as they were the first ever Montgomery County band selected as a finalist — the group was invited to play the library’s opening. This proved to be very impressive recognition for WCHS, and added to the library’s value and popularity among students.

“I love Potomac Library because it’s the closest library to school and it’s convenient,” Akhavan said. “Since it’s close to Potomac Village, it makes it easy to focus on studying while food and necessities are accessible.”

With a grocery store, pharmacy and numerous eateries across the street, Potomac Library is located optimally, as students can stay fueled and comfortable while working hard on homework and other assignments. Adding to its comfort is the library’s brand new furniture and redesigned rooms.

“The Potomac Library has done a great job with the new renovations,” WCHS junior Kanza Ihsan said. “I love how modern it looks on the inside and the expansion of the quiet room.”

These additions, including new individual study booths and an expanded bathroom, help make students’ library experience smoother. In tandem, they incentivize learning by making the library a welcoming place to study and access the wealth of resources.

“I’ve been to the library everyday since it opened,” Akhavan said. “I feel so productive and on top of all of my responsibilities, which is helpful with AP exams and deadlines just lurking around the corner.”