Day at Smokey Glen provides fun time for seniors


Photo courtesy of Candela Lespada

Seniors gather around a table together hanging out at Senior Day on April 14. Senior Day consisted of many games, sports, food and drinks for all seniors.

By Vaughn Malamut, Online Editor

Nearing the end of their WCHS experience, seniors have a Friday full of sports, food and games, giving them a way to escape from the typical school day.

Senior Day is a tradition that nearly every senior attends near the end of the school year. This year, it took place on April 14. Buses took the seniors from WCHS to Smokey Glen Farm. Many seniors played sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and a massive kickball game giving them nostalgic memories of elementary school.

“I got to play basketball with my friends and had a massive soccer game on the field,” WCHS senior Isaac Horn said. “I got to use the zipline after the long line and it was worth it.”

Prior to the bus ride to Smokey Glen Farm, seniors were given a presentation about graduation information. After the bus ride back to WCHS, seniors took the 2023 Senior Class picture at the stadium.

“Eating food and playing sports with my friends was a great way to start the weekend,” Horn said. “It was awesome to see everyone hanging out together in such a big area.”

Smokey Glen Farm provided an excellent variety of food such as bread, roasted chicken, coleslaw, beans and mashed potatoes. In addition, fountain drinks were provided at any time for all the seniors.

“Best part of senior day was just hanging with friends and really enjoying and remembering the past four years with these people,” WCHS senior Eric Chen said. “I think it was a big part of summing up our school year like prom and beach week.”

Senior Day gave students an opportunity to hangout with classmates they typically do not spend time with during the normal school day. It also allowed seniors to reflect on their experiences with their friends and how much they have grown up together.

“I enjoyed just chilling and hanging out with my friends,” Chen said. “Senior Day gave all the seniors a great way to start the weekend, it is important for WCHS to give seniors these opportunities.”