The writing’s on the wall for this new trend


Image by Jordan Pashkoff.

The Garfield drawing in the second floor main bathroom near the history hallways is a fan favorite and a frequently visited art piece.

By Jordan Pashkoff, Journalism Lab Life Coach

Do you have unappreciated artistic talent? Do you want to produce artwork in a completely new way? Well, here is your opportunity. The WCHS student-produced mural has finally opened to the general public. This interactive and artistic wall is available in one of the most unexpected places: the school bathrooms. Some might call it vandalism, but students and teachers alike call it art in its purest form. From encouraging comments to fun doodles, the bathroom walls have become blank canvases waiting to be filled. 

The bathrooms were recently stocked with sharpies and pens, and the walls call out to students to add their own personal flair to them. Previous to this year, it was common to draw on desks but those drawings would be commonly erased. Now there is a permanent and creative solution. 

“The first day I saw the drawings and words on the bathroom walls, I was just absolutely mesmerized. Nowhere else have I ever seen a school so accepting of such art. It makes my long trips to the bathroom to skip boring lessons or essays so much more enjoyable,” WCHS junior and avid lover of bathroom art, Graff Iti said. “Everyday I try to go to each bathroom to check the different pictures on the walls. It is my favorite part of the day.”

The art also takes on a role in making WCHS a unique and imaginative environment. What other school can say they support such artistic expression? 

“How else are we supposed to differentiate ourselves from every other MCPS school? Sure we have our own name, colors and mascot, but it is really the art and self-expression that sets us apart from all other high schools,” Iti said. 

One of the most loved drawings is of Garfield in the second story main bathroom in the handicap stall. Its precise lines and beautifully drawn face keep students captivated. The artist prefers to stay anonymous but refers to themself as the copyCAT in homage to their main muse’s animal type. 

“I discovered my love for Garfield during my AP Comic book class. I was about to fall asleep but then the person next to me started looking up pictures of Garfield. I was immediately in awe,” copyCat said. “The work that Jim Davis has created is incredible and I wanted to bring some of that to WCHS.”

While Garfield might be the most popular drawing, the other drawings are just as exceptional, including a life-sized drawing of Winston Churchill wearing a varsity letterman jacket standing next to his beloved bulldog. This artwork has not only shocked the surrounding schools and WCHS community, it has even caught the attention of those outside the WCHS community. 

“The artwork in the WCHS bathrooms is incredibly impressive. Students show off their artistic abilities that are viewed by so many students every day and anyone is able to also contribute to it. It’s an artist’s dream” world-renowned graffiti artist Lady Pink said. “Having an opportunity like this is imperative for students who need a creative outlet. I am even thinking about coming over to WCHS and drawing my own art on the walls”.

So, come to hang out, skip class, admire art and create art. The bathroom walls are calling out to each student “come draw, make your mark on the world…or the bathroom wall.”