Teacher of the Month: Carol DeOro


Photo by Maya Bhattiprolu.

Carol DeOro, an Honors English 12 and AP Language and Composition teacher, holds up her Teacher of the Month sign in her classroom. DeOro has been teaching English for 31 years and loves helping her students improve their reading and writing skills.

By Maya Bhattiprolu, Copy Editor

Anyone who has ever met her will say the same thing: Carol DeOro has spunk. Known for her humor and crazy stories, the Honors English 12 and AP Language and Composition teacher has touched many hearts during her time at WCHS.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful award I am sharing on behalf of every single teacher, paraeducator and teacher assistant in this school,” DeOro said. “They are more deserving than me of this award so I am accepting this on behalf of them.”

DeOro graduated from Providence College in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She then went on to receive a Masters of Science from McDaniel College in 1987 and eventually a Masters of Art Equivalency from Montgomery College and an Education Doctorate from the University of Maryland, College Park. Her decision to major in English stemmed from her love of reading and writing, and she enjoys teaching young minds the beauty of the language.

“When I have a teaching moment, and all of a sudden everyone’s like, ‘Yeah DeOro, we got it, I understand this now! Now I get it!’ That’s exciting for me,” DeOro said. 

COVID-19 was a unique experience for DeOro, but it was also a chance for her to learn more about herself and grow.

“What I have learned from the pandemic is to not judge others, really through the grace of God, and to not be critical of them,” DeOro said. “And I have more patience and actually have a stronger sense of humility when I’m dealing with students and grading their essays now.” 

DeOro’s students are grateful for the energy and enthusiasm she brings to the class each day. Her thoughtfulness, optimistic attitude and dedication to her work make her appreciated by all of her students.

“She’s always telling stories and explaining assignments with her own special flair,” junior and AP Language and Composition student Bradan Welby said. “But she’s also straightforward and clear without wasting your time or her own.”

When she’s not teaching, DeOro enjoys jogging — or, as she calls it, “waddling” — around the neighborhood, raking leaves and taking beach trips. She also works with students who need extra help with English after school, showing her commitment to helping her students improve.

“She cares a lot about her students and does everything she can to help them succeed,” junior and AP Language and Composition student Naomi Schneiderman said. “She’s lighthearted and creates a very positive environment within the class. Everyday she’s able to make her students laugh and smile.”

An active member of her community, DeOro volunteers at the soup kitchen in Gaithersburg on Sundays. After 31 years of teaching, she plans on retiring this July, while continuing to spend her time helping others. 

“[After retirement,] I will be volunteering… at NIH. I’m hoping to get Building Number 10,” DeOro said. “That’s where my sister passed away from adrenal gland cancer and I want to give back to all the wonderful doctors and surgeons and nurses, everybody who took care of her.”

Though her time at WCHS is in its final chapter, DeOro will continue to inspire her students and make sure they always do their best, just like her. 

“I’m passionate, I never give up in life. I always pursue my goals,” DeOro said. “And I’m happy, and I want you to be happy too in life. Follow your dreams.”