This year, the SMOB election comes to WCHS


Photo Courtesy of Jay Wood

WCHS President Jay Wood preparing to speak for his SMOB announcement video in the halls of WCHS.

By Andrew Chan, Sports Editor

The SMOB is the Student Member on the Board of Education in Montgomery County, and he or she has a vote on many crucial issues in the county. The last time Montgomery County has had a SMOB from WCHS was 30 years ago. However, this could soon change. Jay Wood, the current WCHS president, recently announced his candidacy for the position and has begun his campaign.

“I started my campaign on Tuesday, Jan. 14 , and I’m really excited to get started and see it grow,” Wood said. 

Wood has run for several offices dating back to middle school and has been involved in the WCHS SGA since his freshman year of high school. Wood also serves on the county-wide SGA. Last year, Wood ran for WCHS president and won, which has now led him to his candidacy for SMOB. 

He also has outside leadership experience, getting involved with many charitable organizations and volunteer services in the local area. Wood has even started a few of his own organizations to bring change around the county. 

“Right now I’m the school president of WCHS and I’ve had leadership positions in non-profits in the community,” Wood said. “I’ve also started my own non-profit that brings paint therapy workshops to Montgomery County homeless shelters.”

These paint therapy workshops are designed to relieve stress and give people a side hobby and something to keep them occupied. The workshops are one of the activities with which Wood has enjoyed working the most. 

Wood has lived in Montgomery County since he was born and has attended various schools around the county through different programs. His vast experiences in Montgomery County have inspired him to run for SMOB.

“I’ve gone to school in very different schools across the county and this inspired me to run just based off understanding very different student experiences in the county,” Wood said.

Wood wants to see extensive change in Montgomery County. Ranging from large issues to very small ones, Wood wants students and board members to work together and change things. 

“I want to see a lot of changes, including better treatment of mental health and more environmentally sustainable practices in MCPS,” Wood said. “I also want to be a uniting voice on the boundary study and bring together opposing views.”

Wood is ready for the campaign trail and to meet new faces across the county. The SMOB election process is a long one, ending sometime in April, and Wood feels he is qualified and ready to make a change.

 “I’ve gone to school all across Montgomery County, and that, paired with my leadership experience makes me a perfect candidate,” Wood said.