TOTM: Stephan Wilson


Photo By Emma Chen

Stephan Wilson, math teacher at WCHS.

By Emma Chen, Observations Editor

A gym enthusiast, family oriented guy and high school teacher at heart, Mr. Stephan Wilson is a source of light in our school. Wilson is a member of the Math department here at WCHS, and teaches Geometry and Honors Algebra 2.

When Wilson was in school, he was inspired to become a teacher after he had his own ideas about how to differently teach the course material he was learning.

“I always felt that whenever a teacher gave a test that I would change it,” Wilson said. “I really like telling stories and teaching is just that, but in a different manner.”

Wilson has been teaching for nine years and was drawn to Montgomery County after five years of teaching in Virginia. He said it was the status of WCHS that made him want to work here.

“I knew the prestige of the county and that it is one of the top schools of the county,” Wilson said. “The academic focus is definitely very unique to WCHS.”

Along with the name recognition of the school and the county, Wilson also values the academic rigor here and the focus that the students have on their future. The intensity of college preparation at WCHS is something that makes the school stand out in comparison to the other school at which he worked.

“This is very much a schooling environment that prepares students collegiately,”Wilson said. “It is cool being a part of that college process.”

Aside from academics, one of Wilson’s favorite aspects of WCHS is the community and the extracurriculars offered. Club day is one of the highlights of his year so farr, as he loves seeing all of the different interests that students bring to the school. The hundreds of clubs during lunch reaffirmed to Wilson the great involvement that students can have within their school.

“Students really have the opportunity to be a part of little adventures in school,” Wilson said.

As a teacher, Wilson sees his job as a way to tell stories through the material.

“Class can be super fun when Mr. Wilson tells the class stories of when he was younger,” sophomore Josh Deausen said. “It is great that it always relates to whatever he is teaching us.”

The students in his classes are what Wilson credits to his love for the job. Although he lives in Virginia, he is inspired by his students to come to work every morning so that he has the opportunity to teach them.

“The students make such a difference,” Wilson said. “You spend 80% of your time with the students; the staff’s great but the students are definitely what keeps me here.”

His students are not unaware of his dedication to them. They know that Wilson is always there to help if they are having trouble in class.

“He clearly cares about his students,” freshman Lauren Safra said. “He is always incredibly helpful and welcoming when you go in for office hours.”

Wilson’s siblings are all also in education as well– his sister wants to be an art teacher and his brother is a principal at a school. He describes that they all have their varied interests, from math to administration, but they are linked by a common want to help shape kids.

“It is really the value of education that bonds us,” Wilson said. “Really knowing the impact that you can make in future generations is appealing to all of us.”

Outside of school, Wilson goes to the gym everyday and values athletics as a release after long school days. He also spends time with his family as much as possible, as those relationships are incredibly important to him.

Wilson’s dedication to teaching, undivided attention towards his students, and love for the material make him a stellar teacher.

“He really shows his passion for teaching by caring so much about how the class does,” Deausen said. “He is super enthusiastic and makes sure everyone knows the material.”