TOTM: Jennifer Miller


Jennifer Miller is the head of the English department and has loved English since she was a kid.

By Riley Hurr, Editor in Chief

Always having known from the beginning that English was her favorite subject, this month’s Teacher of the Month loves to continue and share her love of reading, writing and thinking.

Having 18 years of teaching experience, all at WCHS, AP Language and English department head, Jennifer Miller, is a staff favorite among students. Starting off her teaching career while in grad school as an English Composition Assistant, before teaching full time, English has always been Miller’s calling.

“I always knew I loved reading and writing, that has always stuck with me,” Miller said. “It has always been English, and I was an English major in college too. I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a teacher, but I come from a family of teachers, and so it was something that was always talked about and around me.”

On top of planning and teaching her AP classes, Miller also juggles being the English department head where she is responsible for helping plan for professional learning as well as managing the financials.

“Each month we have a department meeting where we try to talk about either student performance data or strategies that we can use new instructional strategies,” Miller said. “ Then there’s a business side of it where I have to manage our departments budget and make sure we have the right materials and supplies and figure out what books were ordering. I’m responsible for making the schedules so helping decide what the teaching assignments will be year to year.”

Outside of school, Miller enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as traveling. She loves to play with her son and support him in all of the things he is interested in.

As a teacher, Miller hopes to inspire her students and pass on her love of learning. Having always been a lifelong learner, Miller considers our educational setting as the best possible environment to foster her passion and excitement to deepen the english skills of WCHS students.

“Mrs. Miller is a great teacher because she pushes me to become a better writer,” junior Riley McGuire said.

With each day never being the same, it offers the chance for Miller to interact with a variety of students and staff and keeping her on her toes.

“Specifically for teaching, it’s my hope that I can inspire students to feel confident in themselves as writers, as readers and as thinkers,” Miller said. “It’s really amazing to see students grow over the course a year.”