Upcoming NHS Fundraiser


Photo Courtesy of Mia Hazra.

By Emma Chen, Assistant Observations Editor

The Churchill National Honor Society is hosting a family night Feb. 8 at WCHS in partnership with the Hope for Henry foundation. The organization collects donations that go to ill children in hospitals and their families.

The family night will consist of food, games, crafts, raffles and more carnival-like activities. There will be corn hole, knockout and dancing games as well.

“This is an important event for the Honor Society and for our entire community because all of the money will go towards improving the lives of families of children in hospitals,” senior and National Honor Society president Emily Feigen said. “Even more importantly, it’s a way for families to help other families and bring our entire community together.”

Each year, the Honor Society comes up with a theme. This year’s theme is “for our future.” The theme sets an overarching idea for the community service projects and events that the Society puts on.

“We chose this because many of our ideas for how to help the community involved doing things for younger kids,” senior and Vice President Mia Hazra said. “We find it important to support younger kids as they are the future of our communities.”

The NHS is made up of over 40 people, so getting all the members to work together efficiently can be a challenge.

“Getting everyone on the same page can be quite difficult at times,” senior and Treasurer Ian Rosenthal said. “We plan to have multiple meetings as well as group chats which are overseen by the officers.”

However, by splitting up the work and making the theme of  the fundraiser something that all participants are super passionate about, everything is set for the night to be a success.

“It’s super important that we not only help the children, but we teach the next generation to help each other and have a sense of compassion towards each other,” Feigen said.