Contest boosts spirit


Photo Courtesy of Megan Park

The Media Center chose the 1970’s as their door decoration theme.

By Kathy Hu, Advertising and Subscriptions Manager

To Kill a Mockingbird and “Toy Story” are two examples of the many intriguing themes teachers have used in past WCHS door decorating contests.

Every year, along with many other WCHS homecoming festivities such as floats and skits, teachers from each department compete in a door decorating contest in which the most creative door wins. The contest is judged by the winners of the previous year and is always an entertaining time for the WCHS community.

“Homecoming week is already a good time and walking down the halls and seeing the festive doors makes school a little more bearable,” sophomore Chloe Flack said.

The judges of last year’s door decorating tradition was the english department. Their To Kill a Mockingbird themed door won the previous year.

“I think the tradition of hall decorating is a small way to say thank you for the hard work and the contributions staff and students make every single day,” media center specialist Paige Pagley said.

The primary factors the judges are looking for are  a cohesive theme and unique decorations. A neat and original door concept is crucial to helping a department win the door decorating contest.

“The door decorations are great because it builds school spirit and brightens up the hallways for students,” Honors English 10 teacher Samantha McEvoy said.

The winners of last year’s contest were the Media Center Specialists, who are the judges for this year’s contest. Their door was decorated with a “Toy Story” theme. They recreated the Pizza Palace and Andy’s bedroom because they were two key settings from the movie.

“I think departments, teachers and students take the time to do this time-consuming project because it connects us not only to each other, but the alumni who came before us and the students yet to come,” Pagley said.

Not only is the door decorating a fun tradition for the teachers, but it adds a little more amusement  to the students’ everyday walks down the hallways.

This year’s winning department was the resource department.

“I love seeing the teachers’ decorated doors during homecoming time,” junior Staci Loring said. “It is so fun to see the teachers getting in the homecoming spirit as well.”