Teacher of the Month: Jodi Boppana

By Kyle Emery, Staff Writer

Different catch phrases, such as “break a leg” or“don’t let the bedbugs bite” are used around the world, but from the beginning of the year until the end, only Mrs. Boppana’s students will know the true meaning behind, “the light at the end of the tunnel.”

A member of the science department at CHS, October’s Teacher of the Month, Mrs. Boppana, goes above and beyond, teaching multiple classes in both honors and AP chemistry. By teaching a wide variety of students, Boppana ensures each student the ability to pursue perfection and never fall short of expectations.

Boppana is a favorite among students, whether it be her teaching style or her bubbly personality. Greeting everyone with her kind and open personality helps to not only strengthen her connection with students, but also to make them excited for learning inside and outside of the classroom.

“Even though people outside of chemistry may think Boppana is a very scary and tough teacher, that is only because they haven’t actually taken her class,” senior Bennett Yang said. “For those of us who have spent two periods with her everyday for a year, we all know that she is extremely caring and engaged in her students and wants them to do well.”

Boppana goes above and beyond, not only performing her job as a teacher, but interacting with her students on a daily basis. This personal connection with students creates an envoirment that engages and fosters success.

The threshold to be recognized as a fantastic teacher at CHS is high, but Boppana has certainly reached it. The CHS community truly wouldn’t be the same without her presence.