“SKODAWGS”: student-made bracelets sell out fast

By Kyle Emery, Staff Writer

Whether cheering for a sport or just showing school spirit for CHS, “let’s go dawgs” has consistently maintained its popularity. But a new version, “Sko Dawgs,” has nearly replaced the older version of the saying, and has changed the spirit and cheering game for the Bulldogs.

In the student-run elective class, Entrepreneurship, a group of seniors decided to capitalize on the hype of the phrase and create a bracelet that read “SKO DAWGS”. The bracelet is a white rubber wristband, with “SKO DAWGS” written in blue. They sold for $4 each.

“My partners and I wanted to come up with a product that [was] a stylish way to increase school spirit,” senior Calvin Piker said.

Seniors Emily Stein and Beth Wright created the elective to introduce students to the idea of inventing in a world full of creative opportunity, and the inventors of these bracelets haven taken advantage of it to the fullest.

“I believe the SKO DAWGS group was able to market their product very well,” Stein said. “They show the importance of marketing in order to make sales rather than just focusing on the product.”

With a limited supply, the group sold out fast. It was only a matter of time before the group requested another order for the highly demanded product.

“I wasn’t surprised that the bracelets were gonna sell out, but I was surprised that they sold out in half a day,” Piker said. “The demand was crazy.”