Senior brand ambassador helps Guatemalan village


Mary Sailer

Senior Mary Sailer is a brand ambassador for Wakami, a bracelet company that works with Guatemalan villages.

By Max Kandel, Observations Editor

Senior Mary Sailer has found a way to affect people in a completely different part of the world.

Through a summer program, HERlead, a fellowship that encourages the empowerment of young female leaders, Sailer got involved with Wakami. Wakami is a jewelry company that works with rural villages in Guatemala to help create a sustainable economy by providing more job opportunities for the people. Women in the villages make the jewelry which is sold online and in stores.

“At the fellowship, we had mentors and mine was Maria Pacheco, the founder of Wakami,” Sailer said. “She told me about her company and I was really interested in it, so I stayed in touch with her.”
Having stayed in touch with Pacheco, Sailer is now a brand ambassador, responsible for promoting the brand through social media and word of mouth.

“I am also looking to be a sales representative for Wakami and going to local stores to show them the brand,” Sailer said.

Sailer understands Wakami’s vision and wanted to be a part of it.

“Before Wakami, a lot of villages in Guatemala depended on farming, which was not a reliable source of income,” Sailer said. “Maria actually spoke to the leaders of these villages and created Wakami based on what they believed would be most helpful to them.”

While also getting behind an empowering business, being a brand ambassador gets Sailer and anyone who wants it, a discount code.

“My discount code is MARY01,” Sailer said. If you use this code at checkout you can get 15% off.”