Class of 2017 Silent Auction

By Emily Wang, Online Arts Editor

The Class of 2017 held its largest fundraiser of the year, a silent auction, for the second year in a row March 10, and raised over $4,283 toward senior year events, compared to last year’s earning of $3,000.

According to junior treasurer Sheila Gaur, the silent auction is an effective method of raising funds because all items are donations and, thus, the class can make a 100 percent profit.

The items auctioned were donated by student executive board members, local parents and businesses.

“The auction went extremely well,” junior class president Max Smith said. “I think it was more successful because of our exec board. They were amazing at getting the word out and securing great prizes.”

The silent auction was passed down to the Class of 2017 from the Class of 2015 and to continue the tradition, the Class of 2017 will pass down the tradition to another class when they graduate.