Senior’s Band to play at After-Prom


Photo courtesy of Ethan Denicoff

By Danielle Kiefer, Senior Writer

Every spring, CHS parents work hard to provide a safe and entertaining activity for seniors to attend post-prom. This year’s After-Prom will be held at Bowlmor, and in addition to the traditional bowling, senior Ethan Denicoff’s band will be playing music throughout the event.

The band, The Topper Project, was formed about four years ago, when Denicoff’s neighbor asked him to learn bass so they could form a four piece band with two other friends. The Topper Project will be playing in addition to a DJ who will also be providing music throughout the night.

“We hope that the band will encourage the students to stay and support their classmate,” After-Prom Co-Chair Natasha Greig said.

According to Greig, CHS parent and After-Prom committee member Lauren Salzberg heard The Topper Project play at a community event and thought they “could incorporate them as part of the entertainment,” for the night.

While The Topper Project is excited to perform at After-Prom, they have also played at many other interesting places.

“We’ve played at a lot of venues around here, such as Jammin’ Java, Benny’s Bar and Grill, Firehouse 1 and some other smaller bars,” Denicoff said.

According to Greig, After-Prom also had a CHS student band as live entertainment in 2009 and “the students really enjoyed it.”

In addition to the music, After-Prom will feature unlimited bowling, dancing, food, games, a photo booth, prizes and keepsakes.

“I’m most excited to turn casual bowling into a ferocious dance party,” Denicoff said.