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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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New Teachers of CHS

The start of a new school year always brings new faces along with the familiar ones. This year, new staff members joined the CHS faculty in a variety of departments, and the Observer sat down with these newest staff members to find out a little more about them.

Nadia Alrabee

Special Education Department


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Favorite Subject in High School:  “I loved geography, social studies and foreign language. I loved learning about different cultures from all aspects.”

Last Place she worked: Wheaton High School.

Favorite food: Japanese and Thai food.


Matthew Albright

Choral Music Department

albright 3

Favorite band: Kenny Warner’s Jazz Trio

Most excitedA to: “Teach the choirs, whether it is teaching vocal basics or music theory to fun productions and concerts.”

Pet peeve: “Beethoven once said if you are going to be a street sweeper, be the best street sweeper there is. Meaning no matter what you decide to do in and with your life, be excellent at it. In order to do that, you have to give your full focus and drive at all times. I don’t sit well with people that don’t do that.”


Makeyda Hilliard

Counseling Department


Favorite food: Barbeque chicken with mac n’ cheese.

Favorite band: “My absolute favorite band of all time is N’Sync.”

Pet peeve: “Not following through—if you say it, then do it.”


Margo Hopkins

Physical Education Department


Favorite food: Sushi

Most excited for: “The opportunity to be a part of such a supportive school and community.”

Favorite subject in high school: “Health and P.E. I enjoyed playing sports and learning about the body and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”


Jacquelyn Washam

Art Department


Favorite food: Italian.

Pet Peeve: Sitting in D.C. traffic.

Most excited about: “Working with a great community that supports the arts.”


Nicole Van Tassell

Social Studies Department

van tassell


Favorite food: “My husband’s a really good cook. He barbeques a roasted whole chicken and we make buffalo chicken sandwiches with coleslaw.”

Pet peeves: “Coming late to class and waiting by the door for the bell to ring.”

Most excited about: “A new environaand I’m ready for new people, new teachers, a ‘newness’ to my teaching.”

Hei Man Anita Ching

Science Department


Favorite subject in high school: Physics and math.

Favorite food: “Dim sum, a Cantonese food.”

Most excited about: “Students—every time I see a student learn something, I am excited.”


Evan Rosenthal

Social Studies Department


Favorite subject in high school: “Social studies.  I felt as if it was a story that I could just listen to.”

Pet peeve: “When you’re walking up the steps and people are walking down the wrong side.”

Most excited about: “Gettin’ down at the CHS homecoming dance.  That’s how I’ll make my name at the school.”


Benjamin Schnapp

Media Services Technician


Most excited about: Improving CHS’

television program.

Pet peeves: “People leaving messes in my space and not listening when given a simple direction.”

Last place he worked: “This is my first. I graduated from Temple University this past May.”

Lisa Wellek

Business Administrator


Favorite food: Steak fajitas

Most excited about: “I am excited to work in a school because I like the energy that emanates from the student body.”

Pet peeve: “People who are gossip or are petty. Life is too short for that stuff.”


Jesse Motko

Bridge Department


Favorite food: “Pizza. I could seriously eat it everyday.”

Pet Peeve: “When people say pet peeve.”

Last place he worked: “In the Poconos, in Pennsylvania.”

Timothy Lowe

Physical Education Department


Most excited about: The wrestling season.

Favorite animals: Wolverine and honey badger.

Pet peeve: “Food crumbs on me or my clothes.”


Kristin Beheler

World Languages Department

beheler (2)

Favorite food: Spanish seafood paella

Most excited about: “Getting to know the students.”

Last place she worked: “The school, Santa María de la Providencia in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain.”


Arvind Chopra

Special Education Department


Favorite food: Lamb

Last place he worked: The National Center for Biotechnology Information at the NIH.

Most excited about: “I see a lot of young people who have a lot of potential, and I think a lot of them are going to be leaders of America in the near future.”


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