Senior class sells mulch

The class of 2011 will continue its Mulch Sale after the success of last year’s sale in which the class of 2010 sold 5,231 bags of mulch, raising
“The senior class Mulch Sale was started by the senior class of 2010 as a great fundraiser to help cut down the overall cost of Banquet, Prom, Graduation, the senior class gift, decorations and food at the events, as well as some other activities,” senior class sponsor Brendan Roddy said. “The more profit made from this fundraiser, the lower the ticket cost can be.”
According to senior class president Janey Asher, arranging the Mulch Sale and delivery of the mulch requires a lot of help and support.
“The senior class, senior class sponsor, Mr. Roddy, the junior class SGA and other adults who helped out last year will be helping again this year,” Asher said. “They will be selling
the mulch and then distributing it on April 9 and 10.”
Each bag of mulch costs $5 and contains three cubic feet of triple- shredded hardwood mulch in a natural color.
“There is a 12-bag minimum for free driveway delivery,” Roddy said. “Driveway delivery is free to homes in zip codes 20854, 20817, 20852, 20850 and 20878.”
Anyone who ordered fewer than 12 bags or lives outside of the delivery area can come to CHS to pick up their mulch order.
Information about the Mulch Sale can be found on