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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Unleash the fun! BulldogFest barks up WCHS spirit

Photo by Isabella Ngwana
At Bulldog Fest, WCHS students can have fun by participating in many activities with their friends and celebrate their Bulldog Pride!

Attention WCHS students! WCHS will be hosting its first annual BulldogFest to celebrate students’ hard work and perseverance during the school year. The festival will be held at WCHS over three days this year, from April 1 to 3. WCHS students will be able to purchase tickets to see their favorite artists perform and experience special panels from exceptional speakers! Guests can purchase Bulldog Pawses for $12 or a VIP ticket starting at $20.

Showing Bulldog Pride Everyday Lecture
Students will be taught about how to be model WCHS students by teachers and instructed on what it truly means to be a part of the school community. WCHS educator Sally Mcbeal will lead the lecture and plans to bring alumni out to show proof of the school’s success. Mcbeal will be using presentations and model situations to demonstrate how students can apply this information to their education.

“I’m excited to teach the students how to truly appreciate their school,” Mcbeal said. “I want WCHS students to show their Bulldog pride everywhere they go.”

Bulldog Petting Zoo
Everyone loves dogs! Come out to the Bulldog petting zoo, filled with 200 French bulldogs. At the end of the festivities, WCHS students will also be able to adopt a bulldog to show their school spirit.

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Jack the Bulldog Performs Covers of Beyoncé’s Country Album
On March 29, Beyoncé dropped her highly anticipated country album. WCHS students loved the album but many are not sure they will be able to afford tickets for the tour when she puts them on sale. Instead of paying to see the real Beyoncé, why not just pay to see a WCHS icon perform for the students?

Live Broadcast of Bulldog TV
Every Friday at WCHS, students and staff watch Bulldog TV to get a daily update on important announcements around the school. At BulldogFest, the crew and anchors of Bulldog TV will provide live updates of the festival and provide thoughtful commentary for all to enjoy throughout the day.

Pawsitive Feedback
Have you or a friend been in a mental rut recently? Do you feel lost in life? Participate in the Pawsitive Feedback forum, where WCHS counselors will advise you on all aspects of your life. WCHS counselors will leave students feeling better than before. Counselor Gigi Tanner will take questions from audience members and work with the other counselors to create the solutions.

“A lot of students have been misguided in their lives and need a helping hand to lead them to success,” Tanner said. “With the help of counselors, students will be able to grow into the best humans they can be.”

BulldogFest Concert by WCHS Choir
At WCHS, we love our arts. Come out and watch the school choir perform covers of songs by their favorite artists. The WCHS choir will also perform original songs that they have been preparing for since the beginning of the school year. This highly anticipated concert will bring out all the big stars!

BulldogFest is a great opportunity for all WCHS students to embrace the school culture. With all the great opportunities present, there’s something for everyone. What a fun way for students to enjoy the post-spring break activities and spend time with their peers!



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