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Pet rock rocks campus

Photo by Claire Moylan
WCHS Junior Claire Moylan Starring madly in love with her new friend

A pet is commonly defined as “a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure,”but not all pets have to be animals. Former WCHS Observer Online EIC Rachel Mattison has proved just that. Mattison has a new pet rock and she loves her. She takes her everywhere, and she has even influenced our very own Observer Assistant Features Editor Claire Moylan to get a pet rock too.

“This Rock is the best pet to have,” Mattison said. “It has had an amazing impact on my life. It has truly become my best friend. It is the companion I never knew I needed.”

As Mattison would take her pet and walk around campus, Moylan did the same thing. It was her best companion. Along with walks, Mattison posted all about her rock on her Instagram story, keeping us updated on all the lore of the rock.

This inspired Moylan to do the same, as she brought her rock to school and everywhere else she went. Moylan found her new best friend Rocky, and she loves him. He is the best emotional support pet she could ever ask for.

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“When I saw Rachel’s story I was inspired,” Moylan said. “It made me realize I was missing a best friend and companion. I needed a friend to go everywhere with me.”
In the quaint streets of school, a new local celebrity emerges–Moylan and her beloved pet rock. This dynamic duo has been turning heads and sparking conversations as they meander through the neighborhood. Unlike your typical pet, Moylan’s rock requires no leash, and its unwavering loyalty is literally set in stone.

“I love my pet rock so much; it is my best friend in the whole world. It goes everywhere with me—home, school, the park and I even take it on walks,” Moylan said.

Moylan, a pioneer in pet companionship, showcases the beauty of simplicity and the joy of unconventional friendship. With her pet rock in school, she reminds us all that sometimes, the best company is one that offers quiet support and a touch of whimsy. Whether it’s a trip to the local park or just a jaunt down Main Street, Moylan and her steadfast companion are redefining what it means to “walk” a pet.

“I hope that the school sees that my pet is not just a rock but a best friend and a companion,” Moylan said. “I hope everyone finds their built-in best friend.”

With her newfound companion, Moylan has started a trend across WCHS. Everyone at WCHS is walking around with their pet rocks. Walking around the hallway, you will see the pet rocks coming to school, and even teachers will be inspired.

“I love being loved and hung out with; I love going to school and going everywhere. I get to live the best life possible,” the pet rock said.



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Nataly Behnia
Nataly Behnia, Social Media Manager
Nataly Behnia is a Junior at WCHS and is one of the Social Media Managers. This is her third year taking journalism. Nataly enjoys reading books, hanging with friends and listening to Taylor Swift on her off time. Nataly is also on the varsity field hockey team for WCHS.

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