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Hallway policy ‘sweeps’ students off their feet

Photo by Julia Levi
After being “swept” in a hall swee, WCHS senior Kalena Yee sweeps the hall as a penalty for tardiness.

After six long months, WCHS administration is finally at its wits end of dealing with a schoolwide attendance crisis. Recent increases in tardiness and absences have been occurring across all grades—not only among senioritis-infected seniors. WCHS is ready to give tardy students the punishment they finally deserve: sweeping the halls.

Hall sweeps have now been declared necessary in order to hold students accountable for being late. Students who are caught out of class without passes or not in the building after the late bell are herded by security into the auditorium. Then, the students each receive a matching black MCPS® broom and dustpan set, and are ordered to sweep the halls until they are spotless.

“I believe that this new hall-sweep policy will reduce the outrageous number of students who are late to class each day,” Ms. Tina Timely said. “Also, an added plus is that we can cut back on our budget for building services now that the floors will be clean. It is about time these kids feel sorry for their bad attendance.¨

After students sweep the halls, security then inspects the floors to make sure they are spotless. After confirming that the floors are clean, tardy students are then cleared to return to their classes.

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¨My sister drove to school without me one morning, so I was forced to walk. I ended up late to my first period and getting swept,¨ WCHS sophomore Alwa Slate said. ¨After sweeping the halls, I missed nearly all of my first period, making me even later than I would have been if I was let into my class late.¨

In true Potomac fashion, many WCHS students have no experience cleaning, as doing household chores is foreign to them. Sweeping has presented a unique challenge for students clueless about handling a broom.

¨Sweeping the halls felt like holding chopsticks for the first time,¨ WCHS junior Ive Gotamaid said. ¨The broom kept falling and my hands kept cramping when I tried sweeping all the grime into the dustpan. The whole experience just felt dirty to me.¨

WCHS administration is hoping that this new policy will help students gain cleaning skills and a sense of self-reliance, on top of learning how to get to classes on time. Although students have shown a strong aversion to hall sweeps, administration knows that the policy will help students in the long run.

¨We know that our students do not come to school to clean,¨ Timely said. ¨Ultimately we want the best for students, but we might as well reap the benefits of their punishment by enjoying clean floors everyday. The hope is that students will avoid getting swept and finally start arriving on time to get the most out of their teachers´ instruction time.”

Not only have students learned their lessons about the importance of arriving on time, but they have also improved their cleaning skills.

¨After being swept I have sworn to never be late again,” Gotamaid said. ¨Sweeping the halls took a toll on me physically and mentally. Although my attendance will not be perfect going forward, I plan to try my best and hurry to class to avoid sweeping the school halls.¨

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