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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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grammer rlly needs 2 be fixed @ skool

Photo by Nate Levine
This is a sine abt grammer in the skool and it needz too bee gud and stuf.

We rilly need to fix the grammer in this skool cuz students are to used to there fones. Students are always yousing auto currect too fix they’re work and that is not good becuz it is harmfull to the edge-u-cay-shin.

“It is critical to the development of our youth that they are exposed to proper grammar rituals,” sed the head grammer CEO of the wurld Dr. Kim Chi. “The proliferation of intellectual acumen amongst the global populace is imperative for the advancement and prosperity of society.”

Tbh it is just rilly sad that we don’t even no how to like interact with others A lot of times ppl reeport a feeling of like disgust wen they reelize that there frends arent smart becuz of they’re fones.

“The progression of technological devices, such as phones, has inadvertently eroded the grammatical proficiency of the younger generation,” Chi sed.

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Chi nose the rite way to come yoonicate with the yuth. The GCSOTW (Grammar Corrective Society Of The World) is Chi’s componi and she haz a lotta pried in it cuz its good.

“I oversee the management of a highly reputable and successful enterprise,” Chi sed.

I donut care about any of that stuff, but Chi is a gr8 leeder. She come yoonicates all her pointz with em-fuh-sis and rilly gets them a cross. At some point it is rilly that we shud not doo that at all but what-ever.

WCHS (winston churchill high school) student Livvina House is a hi skooler. “I Livvina house,” House sed.

House is a buhleever in strong grammer in skools. She buhleeves that no mattar the circlestances evurry stoodint shud spell good and reed good. Bc yoozully a lot of times ppl spell wurds rong witch will bee bad for them in the jahb hunt.

“It’s a pritty cool house and is kynda beeg,” said House. House lives in a hose that is beeg and kool.

Her frends Gramma Riter, Syn Taxman, Punch U. Ayter, Graham R. King, and Speh-ling BeeChamp all do the grammurs. They luv to do grammer and get it rite becuz it meens their smart and get cawledge duhgrees (Fahrenhight).

“I like gramma,” Riter sed. “I use syntax,” Taxman sed. “I yoose puch-you-ayshin,” Ayter sed. “I’m the grammer king,” sed King. “I win the speh-lilng b,” sed BeeChamp.

Theyre are 2 many things that they do wen they otherly think but ok its wutevurr. Mumbulling is all so a prob at W Chill High School but uhhh its like idk but ya we as commyoonity niid to do sumthing to add rest this grammer and speh-ling ishyoos. Let we end with a kwote frum yappology pruhfesser Sir yapsalot of Harvard University.


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