This new WCHS team slaps out all competition


With many schools around the county already committing to have a Power Slap team next winter, WCHS will slap it’s competition.

By Cecilia Bernstein, #1 Swiftie

As unusual sports have gained popularity over the years and now WCHS is hopping on the bandwagon. In the coming weeks, Principal John Taylor and athletic director Jesse Smith plan to announce the start of a new winter school sport, power slapping. 

The Power Slap League has been the most popular sport in America for a while now, so it is about time MCPS added the sport to their schools. For one, MCPS power slap coordinator John Doe is excited to get the league started next winter.

“I’m pleased to get the chance to add this sport into our county schools and I can’t wait to see what will become of it,” Doe said. “Hopefully, if it does well at the high school level, we could also have it be a part of middle schools.” 

The rules are simple: the first striker has to slap their opponent with an open fist, below the eye but above the chin. The opponent has 30 seconds to respond and get back into position to slap the first striker. The game goes for three rounds and the winner is decided by a judge using a 10-point system.

“I’ve been training for years to get a chance to participate in a slap league,” WCHS junior John Cena said. “While I’ve never been much of a fighter, I think I have a shot at making the team.”

So far, only 12 out of the 26 MCPS high schools have committed to adding a power slap team for the 2023-2024 winter season. However, MCPS hopes to get most, if not all, of the schools on board by next year.

“The support for this new change has been really great, especially from students,” Doe said. “If more schools commit to this addition, this could be one of the more popular school athletic events that people attend.”

Coaches for the WCHS team have yet to be selected, but they hope to name someone by next year. Strong candidates for the job have emerged and the administration is even considering the school security guards for coaching positions. Even the most infamous power slapper in the world, Will Smith, has expressed interest in coaching.

“A coach is what makes a team run,” Cena said. “I hope that our school finds someone who knows the game as well as everyone on the team and is ready to lead.”

MCPS has also decided that every player will be checked for a concussion before and after every game. With the game’s hits to the side of the head, some have been worried that students may suffer brain damage from the slapping, so a doctor will ensure the athletes are still in high form and will suffer no traumatic brain injuries.

“While concussions are definitely a risk during the sport, we think we have taken the necessary precautions to prevent injuries,” Doe said. “Though the rules preclude the use of helmets, which would block players’ slaps from landing as intended, athletes will all wear mouthguards and pads to protect their bodies.”

It has not been stated yet whether there will be a JV and a varsity team or just one varsity team competing, but MCPS knows that with the number of people trying out, there will be intense competition at any level.

“I know the competition for the sport will be heavy, but I’m ready to train as much as necessary,” Cena said. “I think the sport will really have the opportunity to be intense and competitive.”