Reduce, reuse, recycle: Repurposing masks


Photo courtesy of Caitlin Murphy.

Looking for new and unique ways to use your mask? Jump on these trends (above) before they catch on!

By Caitlin Murphy, Claiming her desk for next year already

Throughout the past two years, people across the world have depended on face masks to keep them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the virus being declared a hoax by the government last week, everyone is left with the plight of what to do with their extra masks. So ditch using your face masks for COVID-19 protection and instead look towards these fun and creative ways to use and wear your face mask.

As a necklace…

Are you looking for a way to spice up your outfit? Are you tired of wearing boring jewelry? If so, then you should consider wearing your face mask as a necklace. A new trend has been going around the popular social media platform TikTok, in which influencers and teens alike have been seen decorating and styling their mask-necklaces in different ways to match their outfits and express their sense of style. 

“I love the new mask-necklace trend,” junior Anusha Sastry said. “I recently used glitter and beads to refresh some of my old masks to turn them into stylish necklaces. This trend really allows me to express myself in a way that is unique and different.”

As a sleeping mask…

For many years, sleeping masks have been used by people to block out the light when going to sleep nightly. However, these silky contraptions can get pricey and can easily be stained from skincare products. A solution to this problem is turning to face masks. Not only can they perform the same functions as traditional eye masks, but they are also disposable, taking away the stress of ruining your expensive one. 

As a headband…

While headbands have come and gone as a trend, from plastic headbands in the early 2000s to Lululemon headbands in the late 2010s, a new form of the headband has taken the WCHS female population by storm. Many girls have begun to wear their old face masks as headbands, putting the loops around their ears and resting the cloth part on top of their hair.

“Wearing my face mask as a headband has completely changed the way I approach my hair every day,” sophomore Cora Williams said. “I was so tired of my hair getting in my face throughout the day, but I hate ponytails and I didn’t want to use headbands because they are out of style. I love this new idea because it is the perfect answer to my problem.”

As a coaster…

Condensation running down the side of the glass, dripping closer and closer to the wooden table. The first thing to do in this situation? Reach for a coaster. However, if you do not have a coaster nearby, it is no problem because your face mask can easily be used as a substitute. Since it is already designed to keep water droplets contained from sneezing or coughing, a face mask has the durability to handle a slippery situation. The next time you need to protect a surface in need, reach for your face mask.

This list is just a few ideas to get you started. The creative possibilities of the face mask are endless! Next time you come up with a unique idea, let The Observer know!