Students choose spotify premium

By Max Kandel, Observations Editor

A CHS student is moving their head to the sound of the beat of their favorite song. Spotify is one of the most listened to music services out there and sometimes it is hard to choose between keeping it free or paying for the premium membership.


Spotify enables people to listen to any song by any artist they want, except there’s a catch. The songs will sometimes get interrupted by ads and you can’t choose the song you want to play at a certain time, however if you purchase the membership for $9.99 a month then none of this happens.


Junior Setare Aliakbar loves using the premium membership on Spotify.


“I can listen to music offline with premium, so that’s really good,” Aliakbar said. “I would recommend premium because it’s way more efficient.”


The premium membership enables users to listen to music while offline, which means when wifi is not available. Membership also enables users to listen to music without ads and play any song they want with unlimited skips.


“There was a deal in March and you could get Spotify .99 cents for three months, I convinced my parents to get it and the never canceled it because they forgot,” senior John Kidney said.


Many students listen to music while doing homework because it can be soothing and helps them focus on their work without getting distracted. Music also helps students calm down after a long and challenging day at school.


“Music helps me concentrate on my homework,” junior Emily Hunt said. “The ads were a distraction and premium allows me to listen to songs I want to hear.”


While some students have the membership because they can’t deal with the ads, some are fine with not having premium membership and are not terribly bothered by all the ads.


According to junior Gloria Herman the ads are annoying but don’t bother her enough to want to purchase the membership.


“I don’t want to pay for [the membership] and I’m fine with the regular,” Herman said.


While some students have premium membership and some don’t, you can’t argue with the fact that Spotify is a very popular app for music listeners at CHS.