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Amidst the countless of lies, truth will always prevail

On the social media platform TikTok, user @reesateesa posts her infamous series Who TF Did I Marry? and interactions with fans through tiktok live.
Photo by Isabella Ngwana
On the social media platform TikTok, user @reesateesa posts her infamous series “Who TF Did I Marry?” and interactions with fans through tiktok live.

Do we know the people that are close to us? Did they play Arena Football or go to San Diego State? On February 14, 2024, an Atlanta woman known on social media as “Reesa Teesa” took to the world on a rollercoaster in her series: “Who TF did I Marry?” The new celebrity shared how she encountered and fell in love with a man named “Legion,” who lied about his whole identity till the very end.

With new AI technology on the rise and the need to pretend to be someone they are not, WCHS students are at risk of being scammed or hurt by fake friends and potential lovers. No one wants to end up with a Legion in their lives, or someone that played arena football. These are five ways WCHS students can avoid a Reesa Teesa situation.

Google Reverse Pictures Sent 

Known scam artists can get pictures from Google to convince their victims to believe their lies. Any pictures containing items and people should be Google reversed to avoid being shocked if the person has lied about having friends or having documents that are not real. Google reverse imaging consists of taking a picture and using Google Image search to find it. WCHS students will then be able to eliminate this person before it is too late and report them to the proper authorities.

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Evading Transactions Involving Money

Secondly, scammers are known to chase after their main attraction and will do anything to obtain it. If WCHS students are asked for a large sum of money, they should decline the opportunity and investigate why the large sum is required. Even if they make up the death of a step-daughter in California, confirmation by many of the existence of such a person should be required before helping out. 

Paying Attention to Detail and Asking the right questions

Ramblers are known to talk about anything and everything just to have the opportunity to talk. At times, most ramblers will take the opportunity to talk about themselves when asked. For WCHS students to abstain from being sucked into useless conversations, asking key questions could lead to huge revelations. Asking ramblers questions and topics that engage in a deeper topic allows WCHS students to observe the responses and behaviors when asked those tough questions.  Asking ramblers questions about their families nd personal lives can help WCHS decode the truth from the lies. This allows WCHS students to spot lies that may be told and highlight strange behaviors. 

Taking Time to Learn and Know a Person

Rushing into situations can alter WCHS students’ life paths. By quickly bonding and moving with a person WCHS students can gradually get hurt as the relationship goes on. Taking time to learn and understand the reality of potential relationships allows the WCHS community to vet out the good and bad traits of the people they would like to get involved with and truly determine if the person is worthy of being in their lives.

Evaluating with a trusted adult or loved one

Sometimes the judgment of humans can be skewed due to humans only wanting to validate their judgment. By evaluating the situation and potential relationships with loved ones, WCHS students can make the right choices with the help of their loved ones. Additionally, WCHS parents and trusted adults may see red flags that WCHS students choose to ignore or may not notice. 

Life can be complicated and people can be even more complicated. With the stress from school, WCHS students must focus on having great mental health without the additional stress from rotten people. WCHS students must learn from Reesa Teesa and know that no one truly knows who the company they keep is without taking precautions. 

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