Celebrate Mother’s Day at local restaurants


Photo Courtesy of First Watch

The popular Tri-Fecta dish includes a generous portion of waffles, eggs, and bacon. It is one of First Watch’s most classic favorites that families like to delight in to start their day off right.

By Catherine Chan, Staff Writer

Food not only fuels the stomach but fuels the soul. The taste, smell, and texture of a dish can bring back core memories of a special moment in time. As Mother’s Day approaches, here are some nearby areas to enjoy a nice brunch while creating everlasting memories.

First Watch – Rockville, MD
First Watch is an award-winning daytime restaurant specializing in serving traditional breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes. They have everything from different types of waffles, pancakes, omelets, avocado toast and French toast to salads, sandwiches, wraps and power bowls, all served in generous portions. First Watch makes sure to use fresh ingredients daily as their menu is solely based on the pattern of the sun and harvesting season for specific fruits and vegetables. In addition to their classic food items, they serve complimentary coffee in the morning and offer a wide variety of freshly squeezed juices. Their juices are delectably vibrant in color and are known to taste just as good as they look.

The interior is surrounded by different types of wooden furniture and warm-toned colors, making it a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Its family-friendliness keeps the restaurant busy and going and filled with joyful chattering noises. Because of its fulfilling meals and cheerful environments, a Mother’s Day Brunch at First Watch will leave families coming back for more.

Founding Farmers – Potomac, MD
Like its name, the majority of Founding Farmers is owned by American family farmers. Therefore, everything from their bread, pasta and fries to their ice cream, chocolate and drinks is made from scratch. Ingredients are sourced from known and trusted farmers that promote sustainability through the practice of planting a variety of crops to improve soil health and using more biological methods instead of chemical pesticides to keep pest populations under control. Whether it be something as simple as buttermilk biscuits and mac and cheese or one of their more signature dishes like chicken-and-waffles and Yankee Pot Roast, each bite ensures a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

With its openness and rustic design, Founding Farmers gives guests a farmhouse dining feeling with a modern touch. They collaborate with different kinds of artists to display creative and unique pieces all over the restaurant. Patio space dining is also available to enjoy Potomac’s beautiful sunny weather and clear blue skies.

In addition to restaurant dining, Founding Farmers offers a “Mother’s Day Brunch To Go” option with easy step-by-step heating and light cooking instructions for families to enjoy homemade food without mom having to make it from scratch. They also have special Mother’s Day chocolate boxes available for purchase that consist of their best hand-crafted artisan chocolates, as one can never go wrong with chocolate.

Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge – Rockville, MD
Clyde’s is all about leaving their guests with an unforgettable experience. Although known for its fresh and quality seafood, especially its oysters, the menu also includes other favorites such as burgers, pasta and steak plates so everyone can find something fitting for their taste buds.

Besides its flavorsome dishes, Clyde’s lodge-like architectural design is the cherry on top to make the dining experience unforgettable. Its rich woodland colors, ethereal greenery, rugged fabrics, cabin decor and warm lighting make guests feel like they are eating in the middle of the Black Forest. Each room’s interior is a masterpiece of art providing guests with authentic comfort and joy. Clyde’s is ultimately the perfect place for a quick and refreshing family getaway.

Fogo de Chão – North Bethesda, MD
For passionate steak lovers, this is heaven. This Brazilian steak house is most famous for its “Fogo Churrasco” experience where guests receive continual service of their signature cuts of fire-roasted meats. Guests may indulge in their preferable portion of filet mignon, Picanha (top sirloin), Lombo (pork), Costela (beef ribs), Cordeiro (lamb chops) and much more. Additionally, the guests have full access to the market table that serves refreshing greens, exotic fruits, aged cheeses and baked goods to compliment their palates further.

With its simply elegant and contemporary design, Fogo de Chao gives guests a premium fine dining experience where they can savor high-quality meals in an open and classy environment. After dining at Fogo De Chao, families will without a doubt leave with brighter smiles and satisfied stomachs.

Whether choosing to dine at a countryside restaurant, fine dining restaurant or just staying at home, each bite will contain a new enduring memory. Although good food provides individuals with great fuel, it is still incomparable to a mother’s love that provides the necessary fuel for one to reach their full potential.