Go “wild” for greenery at local plant shop


Photo by Julia Levi

REWILD, Cabin John Village’s newly opened indoor plant boutique, displays a variety of plants from orchids to umbrella trees.

By Julia Levi, Assistant Observations Manager

Rows of exotic plants, potted succulents and blooming orchids displayed galore. Plants hang from ceilings, sit on tiered shelves and the ground, appealing to all the senses. Tucked into Cabin John Village’s recently constructed corridor is REWILD, a new indoor plant boutique.

Founded by Joseph Ressler, Lily Cox and Kyle Cannon, REWILD offers numerous kinds of unique plants as well as plant services. REWILD soft opened on Feb. 1, 2023 and had their grand opening on March 25, 2023.

“Seeing as we now have stores in DC and Virginia, it made the most sense for us to open in Maryland next, and Union Market’s developers, Edens, reached out to us about this spot and we immediately loved it,” Cox said.

Interestingly, two out of the three REWILD co-owners are Wootton HS graduates. Their choice of staying local is rooted from a liking and deep connection to the MCPS area.

“We had stores in the D.C. area and Arlington, VA, so it just felt natural to branch out to this area,” Ressler said. “I loved growing up in this area and had some nostalgic memories of the old Cabin John Mall, so it really seemed like a fun fit for me personally.”

From Philodendrons to Ponytail Palms, REWILD stands out from the rest because of their unique selections. However, REWILD’s services are not limited to supplying plants, as they take pride in supporting customers for the entirety of their plant journeys.

“REWILD does its best to remove the mystery and labor from plant ownership, so people just get to enjoy their plants without the stress,” Cox said. “We’re a very high-touch business, and we offer our support to customers at every level of plant ownership. REWILD offers free repotting in store with purchase of a plant or pot, as well as in-home services such as plant consultations and repotting, delivery, and in-store design consultations.”

Just like having a pet, owning a plant can be daunting to many as it can require extensive care and attention. Any future-plant-owners worried about the responsibility of keeping a plant alive should have no fear, as REWILD offers a range of plants that are easy to care for.

“Easy plants to start with would be Snake plants and ZZ plants since their light requirements are the most flexible and they don’t like to be watered more than once per month,” Cox said. “I recommend the monstera deliciosa, as it’s a perfect beginner plant–it’s always forming new growth, fenestrated leaves and leaning towards the sun,” Ressler said.

Not only do plants provide beauty and color in one’s home, but they also provide endless mental health benefits to their owners. Houseplants reduce stress, boost productivity and a person’s mood. Additionally, they establish a low-commitment sense of routine. With spring in full bloom and summer right around the corner, it is the perfect time to own a plant..

“I like to think about it like houseplants are living furniture in a lot of ways,” Ressler said. “They make your space beautiful and they move around, bloom, get unhappy, and get happy again. Learning those rhythms is rewarding because it’s a long term endeavor with these good and bad unexpected results.”