Touchdown! Super Bowl dips are a fan-favorite


A pita chip gets dipped into spinach and artichoke dip that was offered as one of many food options at a Super Bowl party on Feb. 12.

By Rachel Mattison, Online Editor-in-Chief

113 million people uniting over one thing feels like a rare occurrence in this divisive world. However, on Sunday, Feb. 12, that is the estimated number of viewers who tuned in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, and many WCHS students were amongst that number.

In addition to the excitement of the game itself, the Super Bowl is a favorite American event for the food, music and gatherings it provides. Many families have long standing traditions of who they watch with and how they choose to watch such as serving specific foods like “7 layer magic bars” or the kids and adults watching in separate rooms. For some, it is less of a family event and more a time to gather with friends and celebrate together.

“I went to a party with all of my school friends this year,” WCHS freshman Jordan Cohen said. “We all crowded onto and around the couch together to watch the game. I am not super into football so it was fun that it was such a social experience.”

Those who watched got to see a great football game with multiple lead changes, dazzling touchdown passes, game defining calls by the referees, and even some drama such as when KC QB Patrick Mahomes reaggravated an ankle injury.

“It was a really good game this year,” WCHS freshman David Hsieh said. “Jalen Hurts (of the Eagles) and Patrick Mahomes (of the Chiefs) are two fantastic quarterbacks so it was cool to see them go head to head, and neither disappointed. Plus, it was close and competitive all the way until the near end.”

The football game itself was a draw to many, but the halftime show by Rihanna was also a heavy pull factor as well. The viewership numbers for Apple Music’s Halftime Show were 5.7 million higher than for the average of the entire game, showing just how popular components other than the actual game are to watchers.

“The halftime show was truly incredible,” Cohen said. “I had never seen anything like it, with the floating stage that she was moving up and down on a lot, I am sure that was hard to perform on. Also, Rihanna’s red outfit contrasting against the white outfits of the dancers made her truly pop. She also did it while pregnant, which is impressive.”

In addition to the game and halftime performance, another important aspect to the big game is the food. People plan out a menu perfectly composed of appetizers, mains and desserts to keep their guests satisfied. Finger foods are a popular choice and it is chicken wings largest selling weekend of the year with 1.45 billion estimated to have been consumed.

“I love all the food that is served for the Super Bowl,” Hsieh said. “I like all the dips that are served and there are also good desserts. Having a great game to watch while eating good food makes it even better.”
Some groups of friends took different spins for their party. With the Super Bowl falling only two days before Valentines Day this year, one friend group decided to combine their Galentines Party and Super Bowl party.

“We had a party during the Super Bowl where we watched the game, but it was Galentines because we all brought Valentine’s themed treats and dressed in red or pink,” WCHS Junior Sophie Michnick said.

Choosing to combine the events did not take away from the fun of either, in fact it enhanced both of them for the girls there.

“We celebrated these occasions together because we always have so much fun spending time with each other,” Michnick said. “It ended up being even more fun to have them together, because we probably would have gotten bored of the Super Bowl.”

No matter what student’s favorite element of the Super Bowl is, celebrating the championship game is a popular occurrence. From spending time with friends to attending an intense watch party, the Super Bowl offers a time for Americans to unite, watch sports, and forget about the divisiveness that surrounds us. And, the music, ads and food aren’t a bad complement to the game!

“The winter can be a less exciting time of year, but the Super Bowl is a fun activity to break it up,” Cohen said. “The only thing I think should be changed about it is that we should get the following day off of school.”