When should Holiday decorating commence?


Photo courtesy of Starbucks.com

An assortment of holiday drinks that came out at Starbucks on Nov. 3. The holiday drinks come out usually in early November and are always a favorite before and during the holidays.

By Nataly Behnia, Internal Communications Manager

It is often promoted that the perfect time to decorate for the holiday season is the beginning of November. However, there are still some who think that they like to start during the other months. This poses the question:  ‘When is the perfect time to decorate for the holidays?’ 

According to OnDeck, Walmart, Target and Macy’s start bringing in holiday decorations some time between October and early November. Even though they hold a ton of power in the consumer market, this is still very early. However, some students do not feel that way.

“Christmas is my favorite time of the year,” WCHS sophomore Jenna Piggot said. “I think the holidays should start being celebrated in October because there’s nothing better than the holiday season.” 

Many people believe that the time one decorates for the holidays is a personal preference, in which case stores should not be forcing consumers to celebrate by putting out all the holiday decorations early.

On the same note, not everyone agrees with celebrating the holidays early; many believe the holidays don’t start until December. WCHS student Ashley Kundi believes that the Holiday spirit should not start until December, when the holidays season is closer.

The holidays are a time of the year where people should be able to feel comfortable to celebrate. Therefore, they should not feel as if they are being judged for celebrating a holiday early.

“I want to start celebrating Christmas in October if I want, and I don’t want to get judged for it,” Piggot said. ”The holidays are a happy time for me and I start celebrating them when I want to.” 

It is a popular consensus that people should be able to celebrate their holidays when they want. This means they should be able to decorate and celebrate whenever they want with whoever they want. 

Many stores are already starting to bring on their holiday decorations. For example, Starbucks will soon bring their popular holiday flavored drinks, such as the peppermint hot chocolate. 

So to answer the question, when is the right time to decorate for the holidays? The answer is that there is no “right time” – every family celebrates differently.

“The holidays are such a fun time, we should be able to celebrate and just have fun” Piggott said.

Some people celebrate the holidays because of family traditions and that is a very important thing to families. No one family has the same traditions, but as long as families are together and celebrating, 

“My family and I are very strong and celebrating together and celebrating as a family,” Piggot said.

Celebrating with family plays a very special role in the holidays and it affects people in many ways. Celebrating the holidays is an exciting time, everyone and every family has different traditions and different times they start to celebrate. Either the holidays are just a fun time!