The Observer staff’s take on pre-COVID activities


COVID-19 has made many individuals realize that the things they did pre-COVID were very unsanitary. Cleaning has become something people are thinking about now more and more.

By Sylvia Thomson, Advertising & Subscriptions Manager

There is a light at the end of every tunnel. Throughout this entire pandemic, this is what I learned. Before COVID-19 hit, we touched door knobs, elevator buttons, and school railings without a second thought. However during COVID-19, our view on the world, and germs, has shifted. People were scared, and it seemed like things were never going to end. But now, vaccines are getting distributed, COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, and life is slowly returning to normal. 

Because individuals have now experienced a hyper-awareness to germs, it was only appropriate to compare how students’ mindsets have changed during the course of the pandemic. Here are some of The Observers’ staff opinions on what they did pre-COVID and why they would avoid that scenario now. 

Share Chromebooks with People 

Remember when seven people used the same Chromebook in one day? Gross. I wouldn’t even think about doing that again since there is an increased risk of me getting sick from one of the other users — or them getting sick from me.  -Jeremy Fredricks, Print Editor-in-Chief 

Blowing out Candles

The thought of someone else spitting all over food that I am going to consume grosses me out now, even once people get vaccinated. I just don’t think it’s sanitary anymore. -Rachel Mattison, Online Editor

Eating at a Bowling Alley 

Prior to COVID-19, I would go to a bowling alley and eat the food without question. But now, I am much more germ conscious and realize how gross it is to put your fingers in the holes in the balls and then eat without washing your hands first. –Ava Freeman, (Senior) Former Online Editor-in-Chief 

Shaking Friends’ Hands in the Hall 

At school before COVID-19, my friends and I would always shake each other’s hands or give high fives in the hallways. This happened everyday  with tons of different people, easily spreading germs throughout . -Justin Greenzaid, Sports Editor 

Grabbing the Bathroom Door Handle After Leaving and Washing Hands

Due to surface spread, I always use my sleeve or a paper towel I’ve grabbed. This is something I learned from being more germ conscious because of COVID-19. – Quinn Cook, (Senior) Former News Editor 

Sharing your Food and Drinks with your Friends

I always thought sharing food and drinks with your friends wasn’t sanitary, but especially because of COVID-19 this should be avoided since germs can spread everywhere. -Elijah Savett, Observations Editor 

Using the Barres in Dance Class

In between dance classes, we never wiped down the barres, not even during flu season. But with COVID-19 it now seems second nature to sanitize it in order to protect yourself and others. With surface spreading it looks like the perfect way to spread the virus. -Jessica Klein, (Senior) Former Assistant Arts Editor 

Not Washing Hands Before Eating Lunch at School 

Before the pandemic when there was school, everyone would be so hungry that no one would wash their hands before they ate. The closest thing to washing hands was using hand sanitizer, but that still wasn’t sufficient enough to really keep germs away. -Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager 

Eating Lunch Sitting on the Floor 

Pre-pandemic, when eating lunch, most WCHS students would sit in the center of a locker cube and eat lunch. Not only was there not a lot of space in this small section  to eat lunch, but the idea of sitting on the gross school floor and eating now makes me uncomfortable. -Melissa Redlich, Features Editor 


I’ve always loved a buffet, especially for breakfast. However, the idea of so many people touching all the food grosses me out at this point. It’s impossible to know how many hands have touched each plate and whether they were clean and healthy. –Trevor Gardemal, (Senior) Former Social Media Manager 

Shaking Hands After a Sports Game 

Shaking hands with the opposing team after a sports game used to be a common courtesy and a way to say good game to the other team. Now it seems very unsanitary to touch every person’s hand and spread germs, especially after running around and sweating outside. -Jordan Pashkoff, Arts Editor 

Holding the Poles on the Public Bus 

I had to take a public bus a couple months ago for the first time in a year. I found myself unconsciously reaching for the stationary pole every bus has and then abruptly thinking about just how many people pass through one specific bus a day. Who knows where they have been and what they have been doing? COVID-19 got me thinking.  -Sylvia Thomson, Advertising & Subscriptions Manager 

With all of that being said, 2020-2021 will be a memorable year with our slow emergence from the pandemic.. Even though cleanliness is something a lot of us think of more often now thanks to COVID-19, do not let germs impact you so much that it stops you from enjoying daily life activities. The reality is, germs are going to be with us at all times; might as well have fun.