WCHS students recount embarrassing Thanksgiving day stories


Courtesy of Unsplash

WCHS students recount their most embarrassing moments during the Fall and Thanksgiving. They hope to never relive this moments!

By Melissa Redlich, Sports Editor

I bet everyone reading this has gone through at least one embarrassing moment. It could be tripping and falling on your face, dropping your binder with papers going everywhere, or even giving your parents a hug from behind and finding out it is not them. Everyone goes through embarrassing moments, but some experience more than others. 

Thanksgiving 2020 is probably going to be a little bland, considering the global pandemic. But I know a way that you can spice up the season, reading other peoples embarrassments! Well, let us get started…

Our first story is about a field trip gone wrong. This story is anonymous, so let us keep it that way. 

Story: In November, our seventh grade class went on a field trip to Medieval Times and when we returned to school we still had one more class at the end of the day. For me that was band, and as the band teacher came over to show me something, I fainted in front of the whole class.

Age: I was 13 years old. 

Wow, that is awkward. I not only feel bad for you (how embarrassing), but I also feel bad for your band teacher; he must have felt really uncomfortable! 

Alright, onwards! Oh my gosh, our next writer wants to share her name! Drum roll please. And the submitter of this embarrassing story is Caitlin Murphy! Well, let us see what trauma she has to report… 

Story: During one Thanksgiving, I was bringing out the mashed potatoes in a big bowl and I tripped over my cousin’s dog! I ended up spilling the mashed potatoes everywhere, but luckily there was more in the kitchen, so we did not have to eat dinner without mashed potatoes!!

Age: 9 years old

Oh my gosh! Okay enough talking, let us continue. 

This story involves an argument turned wrestling match. 

Story: One time, my sister and I were in a heated argument. We kept throwing fake punches back and forth to show who was the boss. But I accidentally punched her right in the eye, and she got a huge bruise. She started to cry! I felt terrible and I do not even remember the argument. All I remember is I felt so mean and stupid for actually punching her and leaving a dent in her face.

Age: 7 or 8 years old

Oh wow, you are the next pro wrestler! 

Let us continue!

Story: We were in New Jersey with our cousins for Thanksgiving. We were going to see one of the big Christmas light shows and I threw up in the car so we had to drive back.

Age: 8 years old 

Wow! I love how that last one was short, embarrassing and to the point. 

Here is the last story. Not only is this story an embarrassing moment, it is an embarrassing moment involving technology, which brings even more trauma. Also, hooray! Someone else wants to share their name. I guess Angela Luo has gotten over her humiliation. 

Story: There was this whole “real life imposter” situation in an Among Us discord server because there was another Angela and my friends all thought that person was me. We were all super confused, including the other Angela, and I was kinda freaked out. Legit I thought someone was pretending to be me, but then when I messaged the other Angela we both realized it was just a misunderstanding and we had a good laugh over it.

Age: 16 years old

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about WCHS student’s random embarrassing fall stories! Although this Thanksgiving may not be the most eventful holiday, we can still laugh at our embarrassing mistakes! So stay safe and eat some mashed potatoes and turkey (but try not to drop them).