How to stay entertained during quarantine


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One popular way to stay entertained during Quarantine is through TikTok. Each video is different, ranging from humor to horror and it is easy to stay on the app for a while.

By Allison Jacobs, News Editor

Day to day life in quarantine is completely different than what was happening months ago, with each day feeling the same and endless amounts of time to fill. The current situation with the Coronavirus and quarantine is a big life adjustment, however, The Observer is here to provide you with the top five activities to keep you entertained during quarantine.

1. TikTok

TikTok is the perfect time killer, whether it be for a 10 minute study break or you just need something to pass the day with. With videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds, it is easy to spend hours mindlessly scrolling through the app. There are makeup, fashion, sports, comedy and basically any other topic themed videos that are fun to watch and can inspire people to create their own videos. Many TikTok stars have also become famous through posting dances and inspiring others to recreate them. 

“I’ve spent a lot of time on TikTok,” junior Natalie Heshmat said. “Each video is unique and entertaining enough that I just keep scrolling.” 

2. Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers are a perfect way to release the artistic and crafty energy people are feeling after seeing unique art all over their social media. No matter the skill level of the artist, paint by numbers are an easy way to create a professional looking painting with simple instructions. They are available to order from a variety of different places, such as Amazon, and tend to come with all the materials you need: a canvas, paint and brushes. On the canvas, there are numbered sections that correlate to the paints, which are labelled with numbers as well. All the artist needs to do is fill in each spot with the matching paint and by the end, you have a masterpiece! It is simple, satisfying and a great way to spend time during quarantine. 

3. Find a new show or movie to watch

With everyone stuck inside, streaming platforms, like Netflix, have been providing tons of new shows and movies as well as keeping old ones around for people to binge. Find a good series that seems interesting and start to watch it. Even if you binge watch and finish the entire show in one day, there are plenty of other options to choose from. 

“One show I started watching is Too Hot to Handle on Netflix,” junior Katherine Yi said. “It was kind of stupid because all of the actors were really shallow, but at the same time, it was really entertaining to watch and it definitely killed a lot of time.” 

If finding a new show is too time consuming or if you do not have access to any streaming platforms, rewatch something you have already seen and know that you enjoy. While it might get a little boring or repetitive, it is easy to skip the episodes that are not as exciting since you have already seen it.

“Even though I have seen it already, I am rewatching Vampire Diaries,” Heshmat said. “I am noticing new things about it and it is still a really good way to entertain me because I really like the show.”

4. Start a business

A popular trend among WCHS students has been starting their own business, whether it is a blog, a social media account or selling masks to raise money for Coronavirus research. While certain business ideas may seem repetitive or unoriginal, avoiding copying others’ ideas and coming up with your own creative concepts will keep things fresh and innovative. Make the business your own — whether it is jewelry making or posting daily motivational quotes on social media, create a business that you are passionate about.

“I have seen a bunch of people make their own businesses,” Yi said. “Tie-dye is a popular trend right now and I have seen a bunch of people sell clothes or masks that they have been tie dying and then they donate some of the money to help with Coronavirus.”

5. Read a book

Technology related activities tend to hold people’s attention. However, in quarantine, there is no better time than now to start reading a good book. Ask your parents if they have any recommendations or search your house to find something that sparks your interest. You can also look online to see if there is a good book to order. Taking one hour a day to read a book not only provides entertainment, but it also is a good break from screens that can be educational as well. 

“I started reading Educated,” Heshmat says. “It’s nice to just put my phone down and take a break from all the technology and read a little.”

Overall, there are plenty of activities to do during quarantine to stay busy. Whether it is watching a new movie or opening up the closet filled with old crafts, there is something for everyone.