Tough cookie rankings for this Girl Scout season


Jordyn Green

Girl Scout Cookies not only teach girls lessons on business, but taste great. The best Girl Scout Cookie was Samoas, though they were all good.

By Jordyn Green, Online Editor-in-Chief

You see them outside of supermarkets, in town squares and around the community. You can smell them from a mile away. The season of sweetness is upon us, a season when the lure of gluttony is too hard to resist. Girl Scout Cookies are flying off of the tables of troops in the WCHS area, so The Observer decided to try some ourselves in order to see what are the most supreme cookies of the season.

To start, prices for these wonderful delicacies are extreme for the number of cookies in a box. Each box is $5, with special seasonal cookies like the S’mores sandwich cookie and the Toffee-licious biscuit cookies being $6. For no more than 32 cookies in one box, this price is steep. The prices of Girl Scout Cookies have hiked in the past five years, and the serving sizes have decreased. This leads to the question: are these cookies worth it? Unfortunately for our wallets, the answer is yes.

The assortment of Girl Scout cookies available this year is vast: from fruit-flavored to chocolate-covered, gluten-free to gluten-filled, there is a cookie for everyone. This is one of the ideas that makes Girl Scout Cookies so iconic. Although not every cookie is sold at every sale, there is still a vast majority available from each girl scout troop. 

To go through the cookies, let’s discuss them based on traditional and non-traditional cookies. Girl Scout Cookies are made using two different bakers, so some cookies have slightly different names and ingredients. The company promises however, that the two differently named cookies, like “Peanut Butter Patties” versus “Tagalongs” are “similarly delicious,” according to the “Meet the Cookies” page of the Girl Scout Cookie website. 

The Observer will be referring to the cookie based on its name from the Little Brownie Baker company. Each cookie will receive a comprehensive rating out of five, based on three factors– taste, price and texture.

Traditional Cookies

Samoas: This cookie is decadent, rich and packed with flavor. The caramel remained soft and contrasted well with the chocolate drizzle and coconut coating. While certainly not the most allergen-free cookie, the Samoa is a classic never to be overlooked. It’s hard to eat more than one of these cookies, because of how heavy they are, but that does not draw away from the experience. Overall, with these cookies being only $5, and still this good, the Samoa does not disappoint. The one downfall of this cookie is the fact that only 15 cookies come in a box, which makes the price of these cookies sometimes feel not worth it, despite how delicious they are. 

Taste: 5

Price: 4

Texture: 5

Tagalongs: Tagalongs are a classic, luscious cookie. The creamy peanut butter coated in smooth chocolate creates an iconic flavor for all ages. The one thing this cookie lacks however, is a strong texture. The shortbread part of the cookies are too thin, so the contrast of textures is not apparent enough to create a crisp bite. The richness of these cookies however, is overwhelming, and it’s hard to eat more than one cookie at one sitting (although that may be perceived as a good thing). The price is also good for the amount of cookies in the box.

Taste: 5

Price: 5

Texture: 3

Thin Mints: Thin Mints are the quintessential Girl Scout Cookie. This iconic dessert is light, poppable and simple, and with 32 cookies per box, there is a lot of bang for your buck. The cookie is thin and crunchy, mint flavor subtle, and the chocolate coating is smooth. However, what I think this cookie needs is pizzazz. It’s a classic, and if you’re looking for something tried-and-true, Thin Mints are for you. But with so many new cookie varieties, Thin Mints have some tough competition.

Taste: 3

Price: 5

Texture: 5

Non-Traditional Cookies

Thanks-a-lots: this cookie is the best of both worlds– a high quality, buttery cookie and a rich, chocolate outside. While not available at every cookie sale, this balanced treat is absolutely delightful. Imprinted with the phrase “thank you” in different languages, we truly say thank you to the Girl Scouts for these wonderful cookies.

Taste: 5

Price: 5

Texture: 5

Toffee-tastics: These gluten-free morsels are a perfect balance of sweet and salty. The toffee pieces are extremely evident, and there are many in each cookie. The downfall of this cookie however, is its texture. The hard-as-a-rock texture of Toffee-tastic cookies makes them slightly unappetizing and overall not worth eating. While these cookies may be a good alternative for members of the WCHS community who cannot eat gluten, they don’t quite do the job for those who can. Also, given the fact that they are a dollar extra than other cookies, for not a higher quantity of cookies, Toffee-tastics are not worth it.

Taste: 4

Price: 3

Texture: 2

S’mores Sandwich Cookies: In theory, these cookies sound wonderful: graham cracker flavored cookies with chocolate and marshmallow flavored filling. However, the flavor of these cookies tastes artificial and overly sweet, overall creating an unpleasant experience. These cookies are also seasonal, so they are a dollar extra for a not-great taste. 

Taste: 2

Price: 2

Texture: 3

Overall Winners

The Thanks-a-lot dominated the non-traditional cookie, while the Samoa reigned supreme in the traditional Girl Scout cookie. Overall, you can’t really go wrong with any of these cookies. There is a Girl Scout Cookie sale tracker on the Girl Scout website, where you can find a cookie sale closest to you. Girl Scout Cookie season is only around for a limited time, so make sure to try these cookies while you can.