New phone game, BitLife, sweeps WCHS hallways


Courtesy of Instagram

The advertisement for the wildly popular game BItlife shows suprised faces of people playing the game.

By Jordyn Green, Assistant Online Editor-in-Chief

You may have heard students in the hallways of WCHS yell things like, “I’ve won the lottery!” or, “I had 26 kids yesterday!” and wondered what they meant. As strange as these sentences sound, they are all common phrases in the immensely popular new phone game BitLife.

The game revolves around one character, and the person playing the game controls the life choices of that player. Throughout the game, the player may have different professions, buy different houses or even gamble in a casino.

“I love playing Bitlife because it’s super fun to experiment doing different things over the course of one lifetime,” junior Micaela Magud said.

Magud recently started playing the game after a friend suggested it to her.

The game has accumulated 4.8 stars out of 5, with 164,327 ratings on the App Store. Players have described the game as “fun” and “addictive.”  

Despite all the positive reviews, the game also has its flaws as well. The characters cannot have siblings or pets, and many of the professions have unreasonable incomes, making many aspects of it unrealistic.

“The game is somewhat annoying because I know none of the outcomes can actually happen,” junior Chris Gresh said.

The game can also have negative choices with negative consequences. The main character can try different drugs, engage in adultery and even murder a close friend or a stranger.

“I obviously won’t make any of the decisions I make in the game in real life,” junior Mica Magud said. “But it’s still fun to see how things turn out.”

Bitlife can distract WCHS students from focusing at school. The game does not require cell connection, so students can play even without being on the school wifi.

“I literally spent all of math the other day playing it,” Magud said.

According to a poll of 96 students at WCHS, 57 students said that they’ve played Bitlife before. This shows how the game is sweeping the school.

“This game is so addictive, you should stop before you start to lose touch with reality,” Gresh said.