Students reveal what makes them love their favorite classes


By David Malament, Staff Writer

Every student has their favorite subject and their favorite class. But does the teacher instructing the class play a key role in the matter?


At CHS the majority of students take seven classes, meaning they likely have seven different teachers. Of those seven teachers each one is different: the way they teach, the way they grade, and the way act during classes. Most students’ favorite teachers are the ones that let them have freedoms, such as using their phone or talking.


“My favorite classes are always changing,” freshman Josh Pilarsky said. “It depends on what we are doing in each subject. But most of the time my favorite class is math.”


Pilarsky enjoys several other classes, but math has always been his strong suit. Pilarsky is a straight-A student but has always enjoyed working with numbers more than letters.


“Mr. Ho definitely makes math more enjoyable because he is a very funny teacher, and actually good at his job,” Pilarsky said. “He teaches the material well and still makes his class enjoyable.”


Freshman Sam Parsons also says math is his favorite class. But it is not because of Ho. Parsons has a different teacher, Matthew Rafferty.


“Math is my favorite class because, I’ve always been good at it and I like easy classes,” Parsons said. “I like Mr. Rafferty because he’s a very chill guy and a great teacher. His class is one of the very few classes I enjoy.”


While freshman Cameron Mollan’s favorite class is not math, his favorite teacher still plays a major role in making English his most enjoyable class.


“Mr. Young is probably my favorite teacher ever,” Mollan said. “He is very good at his job and teaching the material, but he also relates to his students very well. I feel a strong connection with him, not only seeing him as my teacher, but my friend.”


Freshman Edina Weinbaum’s favorite class is Chemistry. However, while the teacher played a slight role in this, it was not as quite large as that of Pilarsky, Parsons, or Mollan.


Weinbaum just likes to learn the material of the course.


“I’m interested in learning the subject, but the teacher [Mr. Fugal] definitely makes the learning more enjoyable,” Weinbaum said.


However, not all students enjoy their academic classes. Senior Jake Ruben says that his favorite class has always been gym basketball since his freshman year. Ruben is a key player on the CHS varsity basketball team, so the sport has always been his favorite even when he was younger.


“It doesn’t require reading books or writing essays which makes it very fun and easy,” Ruben said. “I enjoy getting to play basketball during school with my friends and even a few of my teammates, which is easily the best part of my day.”