Homecoming hype boosts CHS spirit


By Riley Hurr, Social Media Editor

Homecoming is such a memorable time filled with friends, dancing and of course pictures. From spirit days to the Homecoming football game, it’s a great way to show some school spirit and create unforgettable memories.

This year’s Homecoming theme is Pixar movies. Each class creates murals, skits, floats and participate in lunch games in hopes of winning each competition. It’s a great rivalry between the grades and helps boost the school spirit. This year Homecoming is on Oct. 14, and each class put lots of time and effort into all the homecoming activities.

“I’m looking forward to CHS students coming together and showing their pride in our school during spirit week,” freshman president AJ Moshyedi said. “I love seeing everyone participating in school related activities and also seeing students socializing out of the classroom.”

The class of 2021’s Pixar movie is “Inside Out.” The freshmen have been working on their float for a couples of weeks now.

“On our freshman float, we’ve added elements from the movie such as the memory balls, along with elements and phrases from our school,” Moshyedi said. “We created a large bulldog out of paper mache to symbolize our pride for our school. Meanwhile, in our mural, there are five different colored bulldogs surrounded by an ‘Inside Out’ themed paw.”

Unlike the rest of the grades, the freshmen were unable to plan out their homecoming ideas during the summer because they have student government elections at the beginning of the school year.

In addition to the freshman class, the sophomores have been hard at work on all aspects homecoming.

“The class of 2020 chose ‘The Incredibles’ for their Pixar movie,” sophomore class sponsor and history teacher Karen Yeagle said. “The mural for the class of 2020 depicts a scene of chaos in a city, where the Incredibles and friends are trying to save the city. The float and skit will also showcase this scene.”

This elaborate scene has been planned out for months and is ready to be executed. Each class has incorporated some part of CHS into their movie.

“We started planning over the summer and got a draft of the skit and mural,” sophomore president Andy Jin said. “Once school started, we began to work after school and at peoples’ houses.”

The mural, skit and float competition will be intense and the rivalry between the grades definitely adds to it. Each grade wants to dominate all aspects of the competition, as they all want their class to be on top.

“I am most looking forward to the unveiling of the mural and float,” Yeagle said. “The class has worked so hard on these two things, and I think it’s great that the whole school will see these artistic abilities shine through.”

This year, the juniors chose to showcase their talents with the Pixar movie, “Toy Story.” The class of 2019 has incorporated both the plot of “Toy Story” and each grade’s chosen movie into their own projects.

“The mural is a rendition of Andy’s room from Toy Story, and it’ll have cameos of the other classes,” junior class sponsor and science teacher Jonathan Lee said. “I think the best part of Homecoming week is the spirit events throughout the week. I love seeing the kids dress up and get involved in the school. I’m really excited for powderpuff football this year because my grade can finally participate in that.”

Among the Homecoming festivities is powderpuff. The junior girls play the senior girls in a game of football in hopes of increasing the school spirit and it gets everyone excited about homecoming. The coaches of the team will be boys and there will be boms, or boy poms, performing too.

“I’m looking forward to spirit week and powder-puffs,” junior president Payam Moayed said. “I’m a huge fan of seeing us all come together.”

Lastly, the seniors are excited to present their homecoming mural, skit and float with the Pixar movie “Up.”

“I’m very excited for the whole week because I love spirit week with the themes and lunch games, but I’m definitely most looking forward to the dance itself,” senior president Hana Mangat said. “I think the dance is genuinely way more fun than it gets credit for, and I really just want my last homecoming to be as fun as possible.”

The seniors are emphasizing the slogan “adventure awaits” as they added special features to their mural, float and skit due to it being their last year of high school according to Mangat.

“In the past our mural has been really big, colorful and bright, and we always do really, really well,” senior class sponsor and social studies teacher Evan Rosenthal said. “I’m expecting the same this year. I am really confident that we are going to do much better than other grades and win again.”

In addition to the mural, float, and skit, there will lunch games throughout homecoming week in the gym. Also, there is spirit week which has a different theme each day, allowing CHS students to be creative and dress up. During the week of Oct. 9, the spirit days were ‘Merica Monday, jersey day, pajama day, Homecoming theme Thursday, and school spirit day on Friday.

“Honestly, I always look forward to Homecoming because it’s a time where Churchill students show their most spirit and excitement,” Rosenthal said. “I’m a firm believer in the importance of students having fun in school as well as learning. I think it’s a great opportunity for students to decompress a little bit and show their spirit for Churchill.”