Love is in the Air

From: anonymous

To: Eliza Asbury

Message: Hey Liza,  
I just wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!  You’re so kind and funny!  I loved being on track with you last year!  I have enjoyed getting to know so much over these past few years.  From church to track, we’ve had some pretty good laughs in the past.  I hope that you and I can share more laughs and another memorable spring track season together!


From: Anonymous

To: George Assaf

Message: George is my boi. He fights in the ring like George Foreman.


From: Anonymous

To: Zhenzhou (Will) Chai

Message: Will, I think that you are very nice. You are one of the nicest,sweetest, and most helpful people I know. Thank you for all your help in the past few years. XOXO


From: Anonymous

To: Satchel Rush

Message: It really brightens up my day when I see your smile. I’m really grateful to have you in my life!!!


From: Anonymous

To: Maxie

Message: Never gonna give you up.


From: Your Mother

To: Gaoxing Cosgrove and Lexi Cochran

Message: Happy Valentines Day! Love my children and our little dysfunctional fam.


From: Spicy Spices

To: Jacob Wagner

Message: Spicy.


From: Anonymous

To: Fizzy

Message: I like your face


From: Ocean Man

To: environmental and gardening club

Message: Roses are gray, violets are gray, I can’t see color, I am a dog. A dog that loves you.


From: Vicho

To: Koala Krew

Message: Love you guys from the bottom of my heart. Could not have asked for better teammates to take me along for this ride. Keep running, boys!


From: Anonymous

To: Gwen White

Message: Gwen, you’re easily the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, and I ask you: Will you be my Valentine?


From: Mom

To: Della Waldrop

Message: Love u my daughter


From: Anonymous

To: Nora Holland

Message: You mean so much to me and without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I love when we are together and we make so many memories. I love you, Nora!


From: Anonymous

To: Julia Lescht

Message: Roses are red, violets are blue, my life would suck without you


From: Eliezer Kraiman

To: Mrs. De Oro

Message: Thank for your fun and engaging English classes. I always look forward to your class. Everyday you turn learning into a fun and enjoyable experience, while showing love and appreciation for all of your students. I truly appreciate your hard work. Happy Valentine’s day.


From: Yellim

To: Bearon Tambourine

Message: You aren’t “lucky,” just an amazing person. Let’s wear our sweaters in March 🙂


From: Anonymous

To: Bradley Furgerson

Message: Happy Valentine’s Day, Dracula, even though I’m not your Valentine.


From: Anonymous

To: Camila camp

Message: Hey, I like you a lot… but I’m too chicken to tell you. So this is my way of showing it. Happy Valentine’s Day!


From: Churchill Swim and Dive

To: Georgetown Prep Swim Team

Message: Roses are red
Violets are blue
We hope that third place
Is good enough for you


From: Anonymous

To: Izzy Rayner

Message: I love you so much. Thank you for always making me laugh, for always giving me rides during tech week, and for helping me constantly grow as a person and helping me let go and have more fun. You already know you’re one of my favorite people.


From: Anonymous

To: Taira Dolan

Message: Thank you for your patience, your kindness, and for your constant support. Thank you for always validating my emotions and making me feel valued and loved. I love you so much.


From: Anonymous

To: Bill Wu

Message: Thank you for your vlogs, polaroids, stupid laughter, and revenge plotting. You never fail to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day. Love you.


From: Anonymous

To: Gigi Katuala

Message: GIGI!!!!! You’re so talented. You’re the best listener and friend in general and there’s not enough space in the newspaper for me to explain to you what you mean to me. Thank you for everything. You’re the best friend Emi and I always dreamed of having growing up.


From: Anonymous

To: Areya Campbell-Rosen

Message: Areya, I’m so incredibly proud of you. You’re so strong and kind and beautiful and you deserve the world. You don’t give yourself enough credit. You’re so great and I love you so much.


From: Anonymous

To: Ben Stanish

Message: I asked a Tapir to deliver this message but I guess the paper will do. Happy birthday and Valentine’s Day.