A CHS Love Letter

By Thomas Atkinson and Lauren Roseman

Can you feel the love tonight?  Love is certainly in the air at CHS. Many different organizations around the school have been feeling the love trying to spread some Valentine’s Day cheer to all.

For the first Valentine’s Day ever, the CHS Jazz Ambassadors and Showstoppers sold “Valentunes,” in which they performed a prepared song to the recipients of these Valentunes.

“Valentunes is a musical valentine anyone can send to a special someone,” senior Gigi Katuala said.

Buyers chose one of two songs, either Pentatonix’s “Valentine” or Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are.”  The Jazz Ambassadors prepared one song, and the Showstoppers prepared the other.

The Valentunes were not only a fun way to show how much one cares about another and to spread love and cheer but they were also a fundraiser for the CHS Music Department.

“All money collected from Valentunes will go to the Churchill Music Department as funding for transportation for competitions and adjudications, costumes and other things related to the classes” Katuala said.

Additionally, the Valentunes get to promote the Choral Music Department and show CHS what the Choral Music Department has been working on for the past few months.

“Personally, I think it will be a really fun and that it is a really cute way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day,” Katuala said. “I hope that it can become a tradition and that a lot of people will buy one for their special someones.”

The Junior Civitans Club wrote Valentines Day cards for the Children’s Inn at NIH to spread love to all, even those who are hospitalized.

“There’s a sense of intrinsic reward you gain from making someone’s day just a bit better and in this case, reminding the sick patients that they are loved and appreciated,”  Senior President Eowyn Pak said.  “I think the reason why card-making is one of our most popular projects is because the students know they are helping in the way they can. Community service doesn’t have to be something that has a large, worldly impact and can sometimes just be a nice gesture, which is why I think it’s for everyone.”

The cards were all handcrafted by members of the Junior Civitans Club and then delivered to the Children’s Inn.

“We always send the cards to different places (usually hospitals) and since Valentine’s Day is coming, we thought it’d be a perfect time to make cards to put a smile of the recipient’s face and brighten their day,” junior treasurer Julie Cooper said.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be just a day for lovers or boyfriends or a girlfriends. It is ultimately a day to show appreciation for someone special in a person’s life no matter who they are.

“I think Valentine’s is typically perceived as a day for significant others and couples, Pak said. “After all, there are a lot of memes about being “forever alone” on Valentine’s Day But it can also mean showing someone, anyone how much you appreciate them – family, friends, teachers, and influential/inspiring people in your life.