Tips For Second Semester Seniors Lacking Motivation

By Balbina Yang and Emily Wang

It’s that time of the year again. The winter cold ushers in a new semester alongside a familiar disease: Senioritis.

Every year, seniors are afflicted with this academically-fatal disease. Among the symptoms is a loss of motivation and vigor, which eventually leaves behind shells of formerly-dedicated students to wander (or sometimes, not show up at all) in the hallways.

Although there is no known cure for senioritis, there are ways to prevent the lethargy. For some however,  it’s already too late.

“Senioritis struck me after first quarter,” senior Enoch Li said. “Because of the new grading system and the fact that I got straight A’s in first quarter, I didn’t put much effort in second quarter, which really showed in my grades.”

After completing time-and-soul-consuming college applications, many seniors are left without tasks to channel their efforts into and a sense of purpose.

“Senioritis has definitely been with me since the beginning of the year, but until recently, I always had college apps to do during my free time,” senior Sheila Gaur said.

Yes, seniors deserve their well-earned rest. After all, we’ve made it through almost four years. We’ve sludged through the dreaded college application process — filling out forms, writing essays and attending interviews.

Even with college acceptances under way (and for some, already done) and the onset of a new semester, now is not the time for seniors to slack. Here are some tips from fellow seniors to keep senioritis at bay :

  1. You’re Never Too Cool for School

Sure, maybe you already got into the college of your choice and you’re ready to stop showing up to school, but think again. Colleges still care about your senior year grades and will rescind acceptance letters. Finding out the summer after graduation that your acceptance has been rescinded due to poor academic performance would be devastating.

“I got into my early decision school,” said Gaur, who will be attending University of Pennsylvania this fall. “I was always going to get senioritis, but it just brought it on a little bit sooner.”

Time management is key. Letting assignments pile up because you don’t have the motivation to tackle them will only make them harder to do in the future. You will turn into a couch potato, and no one wants that. Now is the time to take the advice that teachers have been giving you for years — get all the work done as soon as possible so you can go out and HAVE FUN (and sleep too)!


Guys, we’re seniors! We made it!

It has been four long years — four years of nonstop studying, going in for lunch and stressing over grades. We are at the top of the chain and nothing can, or should, stop us—not even senioritis.

Yes, we have four months left to go, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be giving it our all. In fact, we should work harder because we will never experience high school again. Ever. So let’s enjoy it while it lasts as best we can.

Soon we’ll be at the bottom of the hierarchy again. Make this semester count so you won’t have any regrets when you start the new phase in your life. And if you already have regrets (which we’re sure you do), then you definitely don’t want to add to them by not enjoying the final tidbits that high school has to offer.

“I’m a very sentimental person, so things will come as a shock ending like cheer did, but I’ll appreciate every moment I have left doing things I won’t get to do again like Blast and being a part of the close-knit Churchill choral music department,” senior Nadia Narnor said.

  1. Enjoy the ride

Because we are second-semester seniors, we have more time on our hands than the other grades. Instead of whiling away nights on YouTube or Netflix, find something new and exciting to do like joining a club or a team — anything to add some semblance of busyness in an otherwise mundane week.  

“It’s all about the memories man, you know once you’re into college and all, the school work is still obviously important, but in the end you’re not gonna remember that 50 percent on an AP Lit chapter four reading quiz, you’re gonna remember [the fun you had] with your friends for the last few months,” senior Corey Eisenberger said. “That’s what’s memorable.”
Don’t give in seniors! Graduation is coming up and the weather will soon change to the summer we are all waiting for. While we freeze on these snowless mornings, keep up the morale and don’t succumb to this crushing illness because once you do, there’s no turning back. Literally.