The Dark Knight Will Rise Again / The Man of Steel is the Real Deal

By Jonathan Greenzaid and Ross Tanenbaum

Human versus alien. Vigilante versus hero. Bruce Wayne versus Clark Kent. The Dark Knight versus the Man of Steel. March 25 will be the fight of the century as two heavyweights face each other in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Who will win?

Batman- 36.92% of CHS students think that Batman will win.

Although he is just a mere mortal fighting an almost godly alien, Batman has a few tricks up his sleeve that could level the playing field against Superman.
First off, Batman is the perfect human specimen. He is in peak human condition, and his physical prowess would shame any olympian.
What’s even scarier than a perfectly fit human? A perfectly fit human who has mastered over 127 styles of martial arts. Yes, Batman could spar against Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris all at once without breaking a sweat.
Batman isn’t just all brawns. He is a brilliant strategist and tactician. Bruce Wayne has an IQ of over 200 and is well versed in ballistics, armor and forensic science. The Caped Crusader will not only be aware of, but will also be able to capitalize on all of Superman’s weaknesses before any combat has even begun.
Bruce Wayne is a multi-billionaire in charge of an international conglomerate corporation that can devote an entire department to developing kryptonite-based bat gear.
Bottom line, Batman has more than enough resources to not only fight Superman, but to also completely incapacitate him within seconds. Not only would Bruce Wayne be able to construct a suit that rivals the power of Superman, his access to kryptonite would make the fight a no contest.
Batman has already prepared to fight Superman. In the JLA comic book Tower of Babel, Batman creates a file on how to defeat every member of the Justice League, including Superman. Batman uses not green, but red kryptonite to defeat Superman.
Batman is a formidable opponent because he has the conviction and drive to push himself past even the most unbearable of situations. In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane snaps Batman’s back in half and leaves Batman to die in a nearly inescapable prison while the city of Gotham is being destroyed. You think Batman allowed his city to burn to the ground? No. Batman healed his back in the prison and then found the strength and mindset to escape the prison and save his city from nuclear disaster.
Not only that, Batman is stealthy. This man lives in the dark, and will silently pounce on any person in his path. Superman’s got to watch his back.

Superman- 63.08% of CHS students think that Superman will win.

Batman may have cool gadgets and extreme martial arts skills, but Superman has almost every single superpower that he can use to defeat Batman.
Not only does he have super strength, but he has laser vision, frost breath, X-Ray vision and the ability to fly. It is unfair how many super powers Superman has that he can use to defeat his enemies.
Superman’s weakness may be kryptonite, but Batman’s weakness is anything potentially harmful. In Superman Returns, Superman stopped a bullet with his eye. One bullet could kill Batman.
In terms of opponents, Batman’s main enemy is a clown, whom Superman would break with one punch. Also, Batman may have been able to defeat Bane but not without Bane first breaking his back. Superman would have punched Bane into outer space.
One of Superman’s main enemies is General Zod. Zod is a soldier from Superman’s home planet, Krypton, and has the same powers as Superman, but is more experienced in fighting than Superman is. Superman defeated him in Man of Steel after Zod almost blew up Metropolis by breaking his neck. Batman would have had no chance against an enemy with this much power.
Batman is simply not strong enough to take on enemies as powerful as the ones that Superman battles. Batman gets beaten by even the simplest of enemies. For example, in The Dark Knight, the Joker puts Harvey Dent and Rachel, Batman’s love interest, in separate buildings and tells Batman that he must choose one to save before the buildings both blow up. Batman only has time to go save Harvey Dent and fails to save the woman he loved. Superman has super speed and would have saved Rachel and Dent and stopped the Joker in all under two minutes.
The one place where Batman beats Superman is his secret identity. Wayne is a multi-billionaire who has the intelligence to build his own gadgets while Clark Kent is just a nerdy journalist for the Daily Planet. Basically, Kent is just Superman with glasses on.
Still, having a cool secret identity does not make Batman that much more powerful. Batman still needs cool gadgets, such as the Batmobile and Batwing in order to defeat his enemies. Superman can do everything by himself without any help from technology.
Batman cannot even compete with Superman. Batman has to come up with a whole plan and execute it perfectly in order to defeat Superman while Superman can simply defeat Batman with a swing to the face.