Spring Fling Plans to be a Night to Remember


Photo Courtesy of Maggie Cammaroto

Sophomore Maggie Cammaroto used cupcakes to ask her boyfriend to Sadie Hawkins.

By Sara Heimlich, Social Media and Public Relations Editor


Homecoming: A dance associated with party buses, dinner reservations, complicated plans and a party. Sadie Hawkins: A dance associated with, well, what exactly?

The Sadie Hawkins dance is one in which girls ask guys, instead of the alternate, which has become tradition for the annual Homecoming dance. However, neither party needs to be asked in order to attend.

The news surfaced last week that Sadie Hawkins has been approved and with the dance right around the corner (March 5), students are scrambling to prepare a fun night for themselves.

“My friends and I haven’t even started making our plans for it yet because we were all really confused as to if it was even happening or not,” junior  Erica Goldstein said. “Now that it was announced its kind of hard to coordinate things in the midst of school already being busy.”

According to school President senior Sophia Giavotto, Sadie Hawkins was chosen as this year’s theme because the senior class has waited since eighth grade to have one.

Sadie Hawkins will be less formal than homecoming and is only $15 per ticket, versus Homecoming’s $20 tickets.

“I am going because I want to show my support for the events related to this school and my class,” freshman class president Andrew Robinson said. “I think two dances is perfect because if there was more it would lower the importance and expectations of them.”

It’s been four years since the last Sadie Hawkins dance hit CHS, making the concept new to every student in the school.

“If anything, my group will meet up and do a carpool since it’s not as big of an event as Homecoming where we all got our hair and makeup done, bought dresses, and rented buses,” freshman Josie Bourelly said. “If Churchill wanted a bigger outcome of students showing up to the dance, it would be up to the students to make this dance as important as other such dances like homecoming and prom.”

The dress code for the dance is semi-formal, though this is a suggestion and is meant to be left for individual interpretation. For example, boys could wear khakis and a nice shirt and girls could wear a casual dress or skirt.

“Churchill should have more dances,” sophomore Areya Campbell-Rosen said. “It’s an opportunity for people to put themselves out there and just to feel more a part of the community at school.”

There will not be any lunch games, spirit week or pep rally, although there will be a spirit day for people to show their CHS pride.
Sadie Hawkins is not suppose to be a second Homecoming but rather a more low-key yet just as fun or even more fun event that we are offering,” Giavotto said. “This dance is to be something different from every year and we wanted to add a fun and different twist that we thought Sadie Hawkins could represent greatly.”