More Political Awareness Needed at CHS


By Brooke Weiner, Advertising Manager

Most people are aware of the upcoming 2016 presidential election. With such variety of candidates, many CHS students have passionate favorites. Potomac is in the suburbs of D.C., so we must be very politically aware, or are we?

“It’s not important to follow politics and I don’t think it’s really relevant,” sophomore Moncef Guen said.

However, according to a CHS student who wishes to remain anonymous, “it is important to be politically aware,” but not necessarily politically active at this age.

The anonymous student is one of the many CHS students who already have a political affiliation, something that could be considered unusual in another region.

“I identify with the Republican party,” the anonymous student said.

While for the most part CHS students are politically aware, students must strive for improvement.