CHS Open Air Market

By Julia Heimlich, Senior Writer

Calling all high schoolers in search of good food, good music, good people and an all-around good time: look no further than CHS’s Open Air Market, an event which will be hosted May 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. by senior WeiAnne Reidy.

Reidy coordinated this event primarily for seniors, as a way for them to buy or sell items before leaving for college.

“Seniors can sell their own handmade products, or whatever is laying around the house that they can’t take to college,” said Reidy, who came up with the idea after realizing she would have to get rid of a lot of her belongings before taking a gap year this June.

The market will also sport a donation drive for students to give away old review books and other school-related materials, to high schoolers in the D.C. area who may not be able to afford such study tools otherwise.

“It’s such an easy way for people to benefit from my old things,” senior Ruchi Mathur said. “I think it’s going to be really fun.”

According to Reidy, items ranging from hand-painted eggs to vinyl record collections will be sold at the market.

“There’s also going to be a wide variety of foods to try, from ‘Baked Goods by Maria’-branded cupcakes, to vegan samples, to chia seed pudding,” Reidy said.

According to senior Olivia Whitener, she volunteered to help Reidy organize the event because she has always been an avid fan of markets herself.

“I think it’s a really cool event for teenagers to host, and I’m looking forward to my friends’ possessions being up for grabs,” Whitener said. “They have such good style.”

To follow any updates or changes regarding this fun-filled couple of hours, make sure to join the “Open Market” event on Facebook, or email [email protected].