Decision day tradition still going strong

By Emily Raab, Senior Writer

Every year, most college deposits are due by May 1. This means that every year, most seniors know what they’re doing after graduation by May 1. For a lot of seniors, that means college.

To celebrate their acceptances, it has become senior tradition to wear a t-shirt from one’s chosen college on May 1, or commitment day.

“I think it’s something that is being promoted more and more across the country,” Assistant Principal John Taylor said.

For most students, college shirt day is a fun way to bond with their current classmates while also looking towards the future.

“College shirt day is another fun senior tradition,” senior Lucy Srour said. “It just keeps up the excitement towards graduation and next year.

With everyone’s school colors and names splayed across their chests, it’s easy to tell where people will be heading next year.

“College shirt day is a day where you get to show your pride for your new school,” senior Ry Arnold said. “It’s also a way to see where everyone is going.”

Senior Emma Weisbaum is taking a gap year in Israel, but she decided to wear a t-shirt from the college she will be attending after her gap year.

“I’m wearing my University of Maryland t-shirt because I’ve committed there, and I’m going there after my gap year,” Weisbaum said.

Not only seniors participate in the event, however. Many CHS teachers were seen sporting their college gear.

“It has grown from just the seniors to adults and people everywhere showing their commitment to their colleges,” Taylor said.

As part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s #reachhigher campaign, she is encouraging students to wear their college gear May 1 to celebrate their commitment to higher education. Her account tweeted a photo today of the President and First Lady wearing t-shirts from their alma maters, Columbia and Princeton.

“I love the idea,” Taylor said. “People really realize how many people are connected to their schools.”