All about that bae: Teen lingo goes mainstream

By Brooke Weiner, Staff Writer

CHS students casually throw around words like “bae,” “on fleek” or “swag”, but for many adults, this baffling slang is a major language barrier between them and the millennial generation.

Each generation comes with a new set of slang terms that confuses adults, but this is a new generation with new words. Everyone needs help understanding, and the Observer Dictionary is here to provide it.

“I am confused by teenage slang, not just because they are new and made up words, but because words that are nouns are used as verbs and verbs as adjectives,” CHS parent Caroline Sailer said. “Often, it’s hard to tell if it’s a ‘good’ meaning or a ‘bad’ one. For example, I hear kids say things like ‘that was so ratchet.’ Some other words I hear teens say which are confusing are bae, fleek, swag, goals and baller.”

Teachers are also baffled by this alien language, and are regularly confused by what their students say.

“Every time I ask a kid what ‘sice’ means, I get a different answer,” CHS teacher Valerie Mainwaring said. “Then there’s ‘savage,’ which I think means ‘cool,’ and ‘or nah,’ which I think is a contraction for ‘or not.’ ‘Yeet’ has me beat.”

This dictionary is for any student, parent or faculty member who just cannot keep up the lingo of today.

Sice: To save or reserve for someone.

Example: “Hey, sice me a slice.”

Bae: Stands for “before anyone else.” It is also a synonym for significant other.

Example: “Yeah, bae is taking me to Max Brenner’s tonight.”

Or Nah: A way of saying “or not,” used as an ultimatum in a question.

Example: “Do you have a bae or nah?”

I literally can’t even: Something frequently said to let others know that they are stressed or unhappy and are having a difficult time dealing with the current situation.

Example: “I failed my English test, and my mom won’t let me go out. Ugh, I literally can’t even.”

On fleek: Synonym for perfect; looking good

Example: “Girl, your eyebrows are on fleek!”

Swag: The coolness or confidence that one exhibits.

Example: “I got so much more swag than Jimmy.”

Goals: Jealousy in a certain aspect of someone else’s life.

Example: *sees cute couple*

“Literally relationship goals.”

Baller: Someone who is popular, wealthy and very successful.

Example: “Jake aced his math test, and Jenny said she would go out with him. He’s such a baller.”

Savage: Something that is hardcore and awesome.

Example: “Did you see that backflip?”

“Yeah, that was so savage!”

Yeet: A phrase often said when you take something away from someone.

Example: “I was reaching for a slice of pizza and Jimmy beat me to it and said ‘Yeet!’”