CHS student publishes e-book on Amazon


By Daniel Miyares, Staff writer

The Genesis: An Analysis of Metaphysics from a Contemporary and Historical Perspective sounds more like a college dissertation than anything else. Senior Elina Kapoor recently proved this assumption to be entirely false, writing and publishing her first novella under the very title.

Just to listen to Kapoor describe the 62-page novella, a collection of poems and stories which form a complex and expansive story, is an exercise in wonder.


“This atypical novella takes teenage angst, biblical references, biting humor, and analysis of classic literature to a whole new level,” Kapoor said. “Fueled by blurry existentialism and the ultimate desire to pursue that which is better, grander, and wider, the protagonist, Uniqua, delves into the nature of good and evil, the multi-generational trends of human existence, and the hazy science of metaphysics.”


Kapoor claims these intricate ideas which underlie the novella and most of her writing came from experience with personal tragedy.


“Initially, I didn’t think it would become a book; it was just a collection of stories and poems in the same vein, very nihilistic and existential” Kapoor said. “I started to write so much more when my grandfather had a stroke… I didn’t notice it at the time, but that was a way to cope.”


According to Kapoor, with the aid of her editor and former SAT tutor, James Rafferty, and AP Literature Composition teacher Jeffery Savett, the stories began to become more and more connected. Savett’s class was especially essential to what Kapoor calls a marked improvement in her writing.


“I started writing The Genesis a few years back, and I really picked up momentum when I learned more about the topics of existentialism, transcendentalism, nihilism, mysticism, and romanticism in my English literature courses,” Kapoor said.


According to Kapoor, the publishing process which ended on Nov 29 with the book’s debut on Amazon was lengthy, but fulfilling. One of the book’s greatest appeals is its commitment to charity, as all of the novella’s funds will go towards charity:water, a notable fundraising effort for clean water in developing regions.


“[The book] allows me to cope, lets others empathize with the character, and hopefully helps other communities through the charity,” Kapoor said. “It’s a three part healing.”


Most of all, however, Kapoor wants as many readers as possible, members of the CHS community or not, to be able to delve into their own emotions through the protagonist of her own creation.


“I want the readers to join Uniqua on her pulsating journey through the heart of the human condition and into the thick acrylic of life,” Kapoor said.

“The Genesis: An Analysis of Metaphysics from a Contemporary and Historical Perspective” is available on Amazon for $6.99.