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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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10 Reasons public libraries should still be a thing

1.      They save you money.

Go use those fifteen bucks to buy yourself a nice meal. No need to spend your money on something that can easily be borrowed.

“I like public libraries because they are a place where everyone is united by a common goal, to learn for fun,” junior Michelle Dan said. “It’s free, so nobody makes money off of you.”

2.      No battery issues.

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E-books just don’t give you the same feel as opening the pages of a novel and taking a whiff of that distinct library, paper smell.

“You can’t compare e-books to regular books,” junior WeiAnne Reidy said. “You get a different kind of feeling having a book in your hand, and it feels more satisfying than holding a tablet.”

3.      They’re always a refreshing temperature.

Especially during the summer, getting out of the heat is no easy task. Libraries are guaranteed to be just the right air-conditioned building to stay cool and relax.

4.      They give you a chance to get out of the house for a while.

Let’s face it: we all need a home away from home every so often (and a potential hideout to avoid people you don’t like).

“Libraries provide a meeting place for people to get together and talk about books and do research,” media specialist Paige Pagley said.

5.      Check out the book sales.

The majority of libraries have an extensive selection of used books, movies, CDs and magazines for sale, most of which cost less than a dollar.

“They’re a way for people to purchase books that may be normally be expensive, but are now at a discounted price,” Pagley said.

6.      Stay focused.

Libraries are meant to be kept quiet, and many have an additional sound-proofed room for studying.

“Libraries provide a place for people to go and have a quiet, focused session, and to get work done without distractions,” English composition assistant Terry Spencer said.

7.      Easy access to book suggestions.

Librarians are very obviously knowledgeable when it comes to literature, and they will happily give recommendations based on your past needs.

“If you ever need a book suggestion, ask a librarian,” Pagley said.

8.      They remind you of the good old days.

Walking down to the media center to check out books was without doubt a strong highlight of elementary school.

“You’re surrounded by books and people working,” Spencer said. “It’s a nice atmosphere.”

9.      Meet a charming, intellectual significant other.

What better way to meet your potential soulmate than in a building filled with books?

10.  Never again do you need to stare at the same boring selection of books that are most likely collecting dust on the shelf in your room at this very moment.

The library offers an enormous collection of literature. Take advantage of it; switch up your inventory.

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10 Reasons public libraries should still be a thing