CHS Students Think Big

CHS Students Think Big

By Katie Clem, Production Manager

From the cycling club to the chess club, CHS has a variety of activities students can join that offer fun and cultural experiences, but there are few clubs that teach skills that can be used in the future.

Juniors Anand Upender and Sriya Movva co-founded the Think Big Club, an entrepreneurially-based club, meant to teach students about the skill sets it takes to implement and build upon their ideas.

“I feel that not enough students get exposure to entrepreneurship until after college,” Upender said. “I believe it is extremely beneficial to have a background to entrepreneurship because it’s a rapidly increasing space.”

The club hopes to inspire its members to take initiative with their ideas and make them into reality later on.

“In the future I hope that some people will actually make their idea happen and create a business or patent their ideas,” Movva said.

There are 30 members in the club as of the first meeting, but Upender is hoping to expand membership with each monthly meeting.

“We will most likely stay around that number because some people will leave if they are not interested,” Upender said.

The club plans on expanding its membership total by requiring each member to bring someone interested in the club’s goals. That way the total will grow and there will hopefully be a balanced number from each grade level.

The club has many activities and goals planned for the future from bringing in guest speakers to actually implementing some member’s ideas.

“Depending on the idea, or if it is something people already have skills in, like making clothing or baking food, that is something easy we can do,” Upender said. “But if it is something more complex like and iPhone app, that requires more people thinking of ideas of how we can raise the $10000 to pay for the cost.”

Many students are excited to have the opportunity to expand their previous knowledge and learn new skill sets. They have high hopes of what this club could teach them in the future.

“I believe that the Think Big Club is a wonderful opportunity for students of CHS to express their unique and opportunistic business ideas,” junior and member Chris Hallock said. “The club allows students with a common interest in business and entrepreneurship to meet and talk about such things.” ­