‘Observer’ asks CHS, “What’s in your trunk?”


By Jordan Maser and Noah Salzberg

Senior Njord Soevik is on his way to a party. He parks his car, walks around back to his trunk and pulls out a sombrero. Instantaneously, Soevik becomes the life of the party, all thanks to the funky hat he happens to keep in his trunk.

Many students and staff members have odd items stowed away in the trunks of their cars which prompted the Observer to go on a mission to ask members of the CHS community: “What’s in your trunk?” The items that we found in some of the cars are useful, while others are quite humorous and random.

“I keep a box of stress balls, playing cards, silly pens, an old license plate, and a cooler,” French teacher Erika Brettschneider said.

Even Principal Joan Benz keeps out-of-the-ordinary items in her trunk, carrying useful winter CHS gear in her car.

“I have a bag with a very heavy blue CHS coat, blue CHS gloves, blue mittens, a blue hat and white pom-poms,” Principal Dr. Joan Benz said.

While some carry various CHS gear in their trunks, others carry around athletic equipment.

According to junior Charlie Criswell, he keeps a basketball in his trunk “just in case” he and his buds want to play basketball.

Some of the more cautious students like to carry around items that they will need in case of emergencies.

According to senior Abby McClive, she always like to store a box of tools on hand for her all of her sporting needs—crew in particular.

“I keep a toolbox in the back of my car even though when I go over bumps, it always makes a loud, clanging noise,” McClive said.

Curious what other odd items CHS students keep in the trunks of their cars? Go to the Observer website to see the video about “What’s In Your Trunk?”