CHS looks at different Thanksgiving treats


By Katherine Michael, Staff Writer

As Thanksgiving approaches, CHS students are caught daydreaming about the feast they will soon consume this Thursday night.

America celebrates Thanksgiving by feasting on the same food the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared hundreds of years ago. These tasty dishes, especially the desserts, are now a tradition in typical American households.

“Upside down cake is my favorite Thanksgiving food because my grandma makes it special for me every year,” junior Danny Wilkinson said.

Desserts seem to be the most popular amongst CHS students’ favorite dishes.

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie because it’s the best kind of pie in the world,” junior Alan Ha said.

Despite the admiration of the sweets, Turkey is still the universal symbol for Thanksgiving and for good reason too.

According to National Geographic, 736 million pounds of Turkey were sold last year during the week of Thanksgiving.

Many CHS families add their own cultural spin to the traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

“We are Iranian, so instead of making a turkey, my mom prepares a delicious Iranian dish in addition to the sweet potatoes, cranberries and mashed potatoes that are part of a classic Thanksgiving dinner,” junior Yasmine Kehnemouyi said.

Although food is the first thing that comes to mind when students think of this holiday, Thanksgiving is a day that family and friends come together to give thanks for everything they have.

“I enjoy when all of the members of my large extended family come together under one roof and are appreciative of the many opportunities they are given in life,” Kehnemouyi said. “The dinner is great, but the people I spend it with are even greater.”