CHS implements new cellphone policy


By Emily Raab, Production Editor

The new CHS policy regarding cellphone use during the school day caused mixed reactions from the student body.

The new policy allows students to use their cellphones in between classes, in addition to before and after school and during lunch. Many students believe this policy benefits students, while others feel it just distracts them.

“I have mixed feelings about the policy,” sophomore Jacob Storch said. “I think it’s a great that students can check Edline in between classes so they can be more prepared for class. On the other hand, it’s important to keep cellphones off in class so students pay attention.”

Many students feel the new rules can be beneficial, but only in certain situations.

“If it’s an important situation, then I think it is okay for students to use cellphones,” freshman NanaAkua Opoku-Afari said. “But if not, it’s not necessary.”

Junior Paulina Bravo feels the same way.

“It’s helpful because we can communicate with our parents if we need something or if there is an emergency,” Bravo said.